Sambuca – Agrigento – Sicily

The municipality of Sambuca, in the province of Agrigento, adheres to the project "1 Euro Houses" (Case a 1 euro). The village, surrounded by woods and hills, is part of the territory of Valle del Belice. You can still find visible traces of a past that has seen different architectural styles intertwin and merge with each other in a unique blend. Founded by the Arabs before...
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Ollolai – Nuoro – Sardinia

Houses for 1 euro in Ollolai. The municipality of Ollolai in the province of Nuoro, the main center of the homonymous Ollolai Barbagia, willing to restore, restructure and reuse the building heritage, participates in the project case a 1 Euro (Houses for 1 Euro). «This is how it works – explains the mayor of Ollolai Efisio Arbau –: the owners of underutilized or unused homes, ...
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1-euro Houses

Become a homeowner by spending only 1 euro. It seems impossible, however, thanks to a particular initiative that is becoming more and more popular, this can become a reality. The project Case a 1 euro (1-euro houses) has sprung from a few Italian municipalities with the intent to counter the population outflow and to give a new birth to troubled areas. With this operation Case ...
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