Calatafimi Segesta adheres to the 1 Euro Houses project with 58 properties

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Calatafimi Segesta, in the province of Trapani, joins the 1 Euro Houses project. The municipality has made available 58 properties. Purchase through an auction will be possible by 31 October 2021.

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The country has recently joined the 1 Euro Houses initiative. The goal is to enhance an urban heritage that was slowly disappearing. The idea is to put old houses for sale to be restored at a symbolic price, with the obligation – on the part of buyers – to provide for the work within a short period of time.

The town of Calatafimi Segesta
The town of Calatafimi Segesta

As indicated by the extraordinary commissioner of the municipality Francesco Fragale:

“The goal of selling homes for 1 euro is to face the phenomenon of depopulation. This includes the recovery of the housing function of the historic center, redeveloping the territory from an urban point of view and favoring the opening of tourist-receptive activities, shops or craft shops in a suggestive location.”

Our team hopes that this project will also bring good results, like so many similar projects in the Sicilian region. For those interested in buying a house for 1 euro, Calatafimi Segesta is a good opportunity. The project is open to both Italian and foreign citizens.

For more information visit the website here.


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