Culture of Hospitality Conference: 1 Euro Houses in Penne

Convegno Cultura dell’Ospitalità: Case a 1 Euro a Penne
On Friday, December 2, 2022, the Culture of Hospitality Conference: 1 Euro Houses, an opportunity for development and territorial regeneration, will be held at the beautiful former Cloister of San Domenico in Penne (PE).Here is the official event poster.Follow the event in live streaming here.Our own Maurizio Berti, as a consultant of the "1 Euro Houses" project, i...
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Penne – Pescara – Abruzzo

città di PENNE
The 1 euro houses have arrived in Penne!The municipality of Penne, in Abruzzo, adheres to the 1 euro houses project. Where is Penne located and how to join the project to buy houses for 1 euro? Here are the answers to your questions.Getting to know PennePenne is a town in the Abruzzo region, in the province of Pescara. It is located in a hilly position, equally distant...
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Casoli, in the province of Chieti – Abruzzo, activates the 1 Euro Houses Project.

Another municipality in Abruzzo, Casoli, activates the 1 Euro House Project. The purpose? Repopulate the old town and renovate the old disrenched houses. How to join the 1 Euro House Project of Casoli and where to find additional information? All in the following article.Get to know Casoli and AbruzzoThe town of Casoli is a typical small town in Italy. Houses with narrow...
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Pratola Peligna in Abruzzo offers 1 Euro Houses

pratola peligna 1 Euro Houses
1 Euro Houses is the project in the centre of Pratola Peligna, aiming to relaunch and recover the medieval village and return to the historic centre to its original beauty.The mayor invited his fellow citizens, owners of uninhabited and abandoned properties, to make them available for the 1 euro houses projectof sale. Many have joined because the old and falling properties ...
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Santo Stefano di Sessanio – Aquila – Abruzzo

The village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio is famous for the pilot project on the widespread hotel, known and replicated all over the world.Now the administration has launched a market survey to combat depopulation and give the country a new demographic boost.This survey is aimed at knowing the interest in granting benefits to Italian and foreign citizens who intend to trans...
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Lecce in the Marseilles – Aquila – Abruzzo

Currently there are no new 1 euro houses available.The small village of Lecce in the Marseilles is located in the heart of the Abruzzo National Park, Lazio and Molise and the dream of living immersed in the strong and gentle nature of Abruzzo between woods and snow-capped peaks has become achievable and also quite cheap.The municipality of Lecce in the Marseilles,which...
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