The 1 Euro Houses team helps those who dream of buying 1 euro houses in Italy, but don’t know where to start.

  • Want to know more about the 1 Euro Houses project?
  • Do you want to buy a 1 Euro House, but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want us to accompany you to the typical villages to see the houses and talk to the local administration?

We recommend starting with the map of the municipalities that offer Houses for 1 Euro in Italy and the article on how the Case project works at 1 euro. You can also buy our ebook with more information about budgets, processes and examples of homes before and after renovation.

All the information about the houses at 1€ with our ebook for 2€

  • Available in English in PDF and epub format.
  • Answers to your most common questions about 1 Euro Houses.
  • Includes a practical example with costs and timing.

For those interested, we offer accompanying trips to Italian villages that offer 1 Euro Houses. Our founder, Maurizio Berti, will be able to show you the beauty of the territory, accompany you to see the houses and meet the municipal administration that deals with the 1 Euro Houses project.

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