1 Euro Houses in Santi Cosma e Damiano – Latina – Lazio

The project initiative "1 Euro Houses in Santi Cosma e Damiano" just started! The municipal administration approved the project in June, so giving it the green light.With an open letter to the citizens, the municipality waits for the owners of the old buildings in a state of abandonment to declare their willingness to sell the property for 1 euro. This way, the municipality ...
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Maenza – Latina – Lazio

It is called Patto per il Centro Storico or "Agreement for the City Centre", the 1 euro houses project of the municipality of Maenza. It wants to combat the abandonment of the ancient medieval village of the city centre. With a press conference with the Mayor of Maenza Claudio Speruti via Facebook,the municipal administration has presented its project with the hope that many o...
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Patrica – Frosinone – Lazio

There are currently no reports of homes availablePatrica, a small village a few Kilometers From Frosinone, joins the project Case a 1 euro (1 Euro Houses). The Mayor, Lucio Fiordaliso, announced the Project Case a 1 Euro (1 Euro Houses) in order to revive the historical center of the small town and avoid depopulation.Currently, the municipality has surveyed and decid...
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