Calitri and Depopulation: €5,000 to those who move

Calitri e Spopolamento
The municipality of Calitri, in the province of Avellino, is also one of Italy's 1,187 municipalities to receive the Support Fund for Marginal Municipalities for the 2021/2023 biennium.This fund, established by Prime Ministerial Decree on Sept. 30, 2021 and published in the Official Gazette on Dec. 14, 2021, provides for the disbursement of a total sum of 180 million euros a...
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Bisaccia – Avellino – Campania

Bisaccia a characteristic village of Campania, one of the southern Italian regions, is putting for sale 40 houses abandoned for 1 euro. It is the attempt, already put in place by other Italian municipalities, to save the dying communities by encouraging people to live in these depopulated villages with the 1 Euro Houses project."To date, January 2020, we have about 6000 squa...
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Teora – Avellino – Campania

There are no 1 euro houses in Teora, a small town with just 1500 inhabitants.This small village in the province of Avellino has chosen a different policy to repopulate the country: a contribution for rent of 150€ per month or, alternatively, a contribution for the purchase of a house equal to 5000€.The invitation is addressed to families with children because to obtain the...
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1 Euro Houses in Zungoli – Avellino – Campania

The 1 euro houses project has achieved good results in the municipality of Zungoli,a small village in Campania. After the successful sale of the first 1 euro houses, the municipality continues with the initiative.Getting to know ZungoliZungoli is a village about 60 km out of Avellino, in Campania Zungoli is renowed for its "gradoni" (steps) and houses made of bare stone....
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1 Euro Houses in Pietramelara – Caserta – Campania

The "village without inhabitants" is thus defined as the village of Pietramelara that has decided to repopulate the country and launch the initiative of 1 euro houses.The historic (centre) village of Pietramelara is now inhabited by about fifteen families. Many inhabitants have preferred to build outside the old village because they consider it uncomfortable, especially for ...
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1 Euro Houses now available in Altavilla Silentina – Salerno – Campania

Due to lack of available houses, the procedure is currently suspended.Altavilla Silentina is a medieval village of about 7,000 inhabitants, located on a hill covered with olive trees with considerable differences in altitude. Starting from 275 meters above sea level, the threshold of the "Porta San Biagio", which was the entrance of the medieval city, up to 313 meters above ...
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