1 Euro Houses Floridia: goodbye depopulation thanks to “1€ Houses”

Case a 1 Euro Floridia: al via al progetto
Floridia is a small town in the province of Syracuse that, like so many others in our country, has been affected by the phenomenon of depopulation from the city center, with even heavy consequences for the local economy.The current residents, in fact, although not very few - Floridia has about 20,000 inhabitants - mainly accuse the need to recover the housing function and...
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1 Euro Houses Cattolica Eraclea: property search kicks off

Case a 1 Euro Cattolica Eraclea
The phenomenon related to the abandonment of one's places of origin and the consequent emptying of population centers has also involved the small Sicilian municipality of Cattolica Eraclea, in the province of Agrigento.Over the past few years, population erosion has gradually increased in percentage to the current 3,364.The municipality of Cattolica Eraclea, theref...
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San Biagio Platani – Agrigento – Sicily

San Biagio Platani houses for 1 euro
In the province of Agrigento, San Biagio Platani is joining the 1 euro houses initiative. This is how they organized in San Biagio Platani for the sale of houses for the symbolic price of 1 euro.Getting to know San Biagio PlataniSan Biagio Platani is an inland town of Agrigento, 38 kilometers from the regional capital city. It is located on the middle slope of a hill tha...
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Petralia Soprana – Palermo – Sicily

Petralia Soprana houses for 1 euro
Another Sicilian municipality joins the Houses for 1 euro project. This time it is Petralia Soprana that extends its hand to those who want to move to the village. For the symbolic price of 1 euro, the buyer is dedicated to renovating the abandoned house. Here is all the information about it.Getting to know Petralia SopranaPetralia Soprana is a small town in the province...
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Palma di Montechiaro – Agrigento – Sicily

Palma di Montechiaro
The municipality of Palma di Montechiaro joins the list of villages participating in the 1 euro houses project. First launched in August 2022, the houses for 1 euro initiative hopes to restore the city's historic center. Are you interested in the sale and purchase of 1 euro homes in Palma di Montechiaro? Here's how to join.Getting to know Palma di MontechiaroPalma di Mon...
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Valguarnera Caropepe – Enna – Sicily

Valguarnera Caropepe joins the villages with Houses for 1 euro! The 1 euro houses project by Valguarnera Caropepe was launched a short time ago. First, they look for who would sell the houses at the symbolic price of 1 euro. Here's how to participate in the sale and purchase.Getting to know Valguarnera CaropepeValguarnera Caropepe rises on the slopes of the Erei mountain...
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San Cataldo – Caltanissetta – Sicily

San Cataldo cathedral
Another municipality in the province of Caltanissetta joins the 1 euro Houses project. It is the municipality of San Cataldo that offers houses at the symbolic price of 1 euro for those who want to relocate. Here is all the information currently available on 1 euro houses in San Cataldo.Getting to know San CataldoSan Cataldo rises in an internal hilly area, located 625 m...
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Serradifalco – Caltanisetta – Sicily

Serradifalco joins the 1 euro houses project in 2022. It had been approved in the council and now also the city council to the regulation to allow the sale of houses for 1 euro. Here's how to join the 1 euro houses project in Serradifalco.Getting to know SerradifalcoFrom the early 1900s to today, Serradifalco has undergone a continuous demographic reduction until it reac...
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Piazza Armerina – Enna – Sicily

Piazza Armerina Houses at 1 euro
The 1 euro houses have arrived in Piazza Armerina! Here's how to join the project.Getting to know Piazza ArmerinaPiazza Armerina is a small town in the province of Enna. Located in the southern Erei mountains, the small village is surrounded by mixed forests full of eucalyptus, with the Lake Olivo nearby. Piazza Armerina has an extensive municipal area and is among the t...
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Corleone – Palermo – Sicily

Corleone 1 euro houses
Corleone joins the 1 Euro Houses Project. How does the symbolic price houses initiative work in the small Sicilian town and at what stage is the project at?Getting to know CorleoneMost of the foreign (and possibly local) audience knows Corleone from the films and books The Godfather. The idea, conceived in the books of the American Mario Puzo, were developed in one of th...
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Leonforte – Enna – Sicily

Leonforte 1 euro houses
The 1 Euro Houses initiative was just initiated in the small town of Leonforte. The 1 euro houses in Leonforte will be made available shortly, starting with the resolution signed at the end of October.Getting to know LeonforteLeonforte is a town in the province of Enna, in the heart of Sicily. The town extends itself on the slope of a hill and reaches up to 700 meters in...
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Calatafimi Segesta – Trapani – Sicily

New call for property acquisition withauction base at only 1 Euro.There are 48 properties on offer but there is only until November 30 to participate!Discover all the 1€ houses on the official website of the City of Calatafimi Segesta.Another municipality joins the €1 Homes project. This time, it is the small village of Calatafimi Segesta, in the province of Trapani...
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Pettineo – Messina – Sicily offers 1 Euro Houses

The 1 Euro Houses project in Sicily are also expanding in the municipality of Pettineo. In July 2021, the city council with the mayor Domenico Ruffino, launch 1 Euro Houses Project in Pettineo. How does the project work and what are the 1 Euro Houses available?Getting to know PettineoLocated at the foot of Mount S. Cuono on the western Nebrodi, Pettineo looks like a char...
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Canicattì – Agrigento – Sicilia

The project "Residential property for sale for just 1€ - La Casa a 1 euro" in Agrigento, CanicattìThe municipality of Canicattì also to start the restoration the historic center that, for its beauty, deserves to be revived. It adopts a regulation for the recovery of abandoned houses.Owners who are not interested or unable to renovate buildings that are in a state of dis...
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Racalmuto – Agrigento – Sicilia

The Municipal Administration of Racalmuto promotes the enhancement of the urban fabric of the historic center by initiating the 1 Euro Houses Project.In the initial phase it intends to acquire houses available for sale by citizens who own old properties located in the historic center of Racalmuto.The next step will be the recovery and use of these properties by agencies ...
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1 Euro Houses in Caltagirone – Catania – Sicilia

So much determination is placed by the municipal administration in the 1 Euro Houses project in Caltagirone.The historic centre of the City of Caltagirone, already recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, needs conservation interventions as well as renovations of abandoned houses.A place of charm that through the initiative of the 1 Euro Houses project will see to its e...
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1 euro houses in Grotte – Agrigento – Sicilia

The Municipality of Grotte approved the 1 euro houses project with a municipal resolution in September 2020. The initiative is aimed at combating depopulation, as in other Sicilian villages. Here, the municipality of Grotte expects participation from private individuals who wish to join the project and from owners who want to sell their properties at the symbolic price of 1 eu...
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Castel di Lucio – Messina – Sicilia

Already a medieval village inserted in the authentic villages of Italy, Castel di Lucio enters the 1 euro houses projects to revalue the historic centre where there are many abandoned houses that need to be renovated.With its 1200 inhabitants, the municipality wants to strengthen the tourism and economy of its region, as has already happened in several Sicilian villages with...
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Castiglione di Sicilia – Catania – Sicilia

Castiglione di Sicilia,a medieval village inserted in the authentic villages ofItaly, becomes part of the 1 euro houses projects with an initiative in which the aim is to revalue some neighbourhoods of the medieval village, but with a distinction between buildings in poor condition (to be included in the initiative houses at 1 euro) and buildings in fair condition that need li...
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San Piero Patti – Messina – Sicily

The municipality of San Piero Patti joins the 1 Euro Houses Project. The mayor announced the provision of the 1 Euro Houses in July 2021. What are the rules to join the San Piero Patti project and what are the 1 Euro Houses available?Getting to know San Piero PattiThe territory of the municipality of San Piero Patti has the shape of an ivy leaf. It borders to the southea...
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Regalbuto – Enna – Sicilia

1 Euro Houses in Regalbuto. An important opportunity for the town to sell dilapidated or dangerous properties of the historic centre and the suburbs at a symbolic figure. The new owners will be in charge of the renovation costs."The sale of 1 euro houses stems from the desire to counter the population abandonment and give new life to some areas, oncluding the old District...
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Augusta – Syracuse – Sicily

Sicily is still the protagonist of the 1 Euro Houses Project with the participation of the city of Augusta. The City Council has approved the project aimed at the recovery and enhancement of abandoned buildings in the historic center. The municipality's goal is to attract new residents and encourage investment.Getting to know AugustaThe city of Augusta is located on the...
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Itala – Messina – Sicily

The project supported and proposed by the councilor Edualdo Garufi and the Pro Loco Giovannello da Itala associationhas the recovery of the historic center as its objective To boost local productive activities, the municipality of Itala also joins the "Houses for 1 euro" project, that is, the sale of old uninhabited houses in the historic center at the symbolic price of 1 euro...
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Troina – Enna – Sicily

The Administration of the municipality of Troina, very active and sensitive to the redevelopment of the country, decided to oppose the abandonment of the building by promoting the Project "Houses to one euro""This is another initiative aimed at enhancing the old town through the redevelopment of private buildings. The goal we have set ourselves is to enhance, as other m...
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Gangi – Palermo – Sicily

1 Euro Houses in GangiThe village of Gangi joins the project 1 Euro Houses Gangi it is an ancient Sicilian village in the province of Palermo, on the Madonie. The village is located on a Hellenic settlement, perched on Mount Barone, surrounded by greenery, where you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama. Its old town was completely rebuilt in 1300 following the destruction of 12...
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Salemi – Trapani – Sicilia

Salemi 1 euro houses
Salemi was among the first to experiment with the 1 Euro Houses Project in Italy. Among the first proponents was also the ex-mayor Vittorio Sgarbi. The current municipal administration continues with the initiative, selling houses for 1 euro in the ancient village of the historic center.Getting to know SalemiThe small Sicilian village is located in the heart of the Belic...
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Cammarata – Agrigento – Sicilia

Cammarata is an ancient village in the center of Sicily, in the heart of the regional park of the Sicani Mountains and adheres to the project 1 Euro Houses. The historical center of the village, developed around the castle, has retained the urban characteristics of the medieval village. In recent decades the country has become depopulated and many houses were abandoned.In 2...
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Bivona – Agrigento – Sicily

The Municipality of Bivona in the province of Agrigento adheres to 1 Euro Houses project.With this initiative, the City Administration aims to repopulate the old town and recover the abandoned properties left to the neglect of time.The origin of Bivona dates back to 1160, at the time of the Arab-Norman domination. Between the 15th and 16th centuries it was one of the ma...
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Mussomeli – Caltanissetta – Sicily

Supported by councilor Toti Negrelli, with the aim of recovering the historic center and give impetus to local production activities, even the municipality of Mussomeli, adheres to the 1 euro houses project,that is, the sale of old uninhabited houses of the historic center at the symbolic price of 1 euro.Mussomeli is located in Sicily,in the hilly area of the province of ...
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Sambuca – Agrigento – Sicily

The municipality of Sambuca, in the province of Agrigento, adheres to the 1 Euro Houses Project. The village, surrounded by woods and hills, is part of the territory of Valle del Belice.Sambuca was among the first towns to promote and sponsor the 1 Euro Houses project, quickly becoming famous all over the world. So that after the first call ended successfully, relaunches wit...
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