1 Euro Houses ebook

Here’s how to buy 1 Euro Houses in Italy: the complete ebook

In the book you will learn:

How does the 1 Euro Houses projects work?

Where can you find houses for 1 euro in Italy?

Who can buy 1 Euro Houses?

How to plan and budget the purchase of a 1 Euro House?

What is the renovation process for the house of your dreams?

Your ebook really gave me a sense of how to buy a 1 Euro House, how the project works. The budgeting part was especially useful. Thanks for helping me buy a house in Italy!


With a concrete example

Inside you will also find a concrete example of the costs and time it takes to renovate a 1 euro house in Italy. All this should give clarity and direction to those who are interested in the project.

A concrete before/after case showing how an old 1 euro house turned into a modern, beautiful apartment.

This ebook is our first step to helping those looking to buy 1 Euro Houses in Italian villages.

Our hope is to give clarity to the project for those who have heard of it, but do not know how to proceed.

The ebook is currently available in English, Spanish and French, but we are already planning to translate the content into Italian.

Images showing some of the locations where you can find 1 euro houses: near cristalline waters, or up on peaceful hills, you can find the home of your dreams.

Here's how to buy a house for € 1 with our ebook

  1. Available in English, French and Spanish in PDF and epub format.
  2. How to buy 1 Euro Houses in Italy?
  3. How to find available 1 Euro Houses in Italy?
  4. How to plan for the purchase and renovation?
After the purchase, you will receive access to the ebook via email. The file must be downloaded within 48 hours of purchase. If you have any questions about the purchase, we are available via email.

Additional Information

You can read more on the 1 Euro Houses project at the links below:

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