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In addition to the 1 Euro Houses Project, our team is also interested in other projects, aiming to repopulate, grow and develop Italian villages.

These projects are in nature similar to the 1 Euro houses, but distinct in their involvement and final purpose.


A lighthouse is a structure, usually a tower, equipped at the top with a lighting system. It consists of a lamp and a lens system, capable of emitting powerful light signals of help and reference to navigation.

They represent the most important of maritime signals: located near landing sites, dangerous places or other places where it is useful to have a remarkable point, perceptible at a high distance during coastal navigation. They are clearly marked on nautical charts that also show their focal height, together with the characteristics of the emitted light signal that identifies them in a practically unique way.

With the technological development of radars, satellites and other advanced navigation systems, many lighthouses of the Italian coast and islands have been left to decay and disuse. To relive the beauty of the Italian coasts and recover the existing lighthouses, the Italian public administration has made lighthouses available for rent to those who would like to renew, live in and take care of them.

More information about the VALORE PAESE Lighthouses project you can check our articles here and here.

Paths and hikes

VALORE PAESE Walks and Paths is a project of the Italian State Agency which, after the success of Valore Paese Lighthouses, aims at the redevelopment and reuse of abandoned public buildings.

We talk mostly about old cantoniere houses (corner houses), inns, farms and hostels. Small stations, hydraulic toll booths, former school buildings, towers, historic palaces, monasteries and ancient castles are also available. They are located along the historical-religious paths and pedestrian cycle paths that cross all over Italy. They are all ready to be recovered and to become tourist facilities to be discovered strictly on foot or by bicycle.

For more information, you can read the following articles:

Railway stations

At present there are around 1,700 stations of the Italian railway network that the Italian FS group is granting on a gratuitous loan to the associations and municipalities to initiate social projects that have positive a impact on the territory and to improve the quality of the services offered at the same stations.

For more information you can visit:

Unattended stations
Unattended stations

Disused areas

The term Disused Areas defines those spaces that over time are no longer used for the activities for which they have been designed and built. A large number of industrial areas are underutilized (unallocated lots, abandoned sheds, incomplete, not productive for years or never entered production) despite being served by roads, sewerage systems, lighting and already prepared land.

For those interested in the recovery of disused areas you can see the following possibilities:

military state areas