VALORE PAESE Walks and Paths

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VALORE PAESE Walks and Paths

is new project of the Agency for the State Property that, after the success of VALORE PAESE Lighthouses, aims at the redevelopment and reuse of abandoned public buildings.
Old roadman’s houses, inns, farms, hostels, but also small stations, hydraulic gates, former school buildings, towers, historic palaces, monasteries and ancient castles, located along the historical-religious paths and the pedestrian-cycle routes and crossing all of Italy.
They are all ready to be recovered and to become tourist facilities to be discovered strictly on foot or by bicycle.

As for 1€ houses, VALORE PAESE Lighthouses and Unattended Stations, the goal of the project VALORE PAESE Walks and Paths is to reuse the public assets that would hardly find other end market.

The goal is to give them new life as containers of services, through small hostels, refreshment points, assistance and relaxation, craft workshops and leisure, reflecting the authentic and entrenched experiences of the territory they belong to.

In line with a growing demand for quality tourism, the offer is aimed at walkers, pilgrims and cyclists with the philosophy of a slow travel.

Walks & Paths

The activities will be undertaken within a network of infrastructures and services destined to grow and become the benchmark for the development of a more conscious tourism, respectful of the territory and the environment.

Young entrepreneurs under 40, cooperatives and associations will all benefit from this operation.

Currently, on the site of the Agency of the State Property it is possible to participate to the public consultation through the online questionnaire from 9 May to 26 June 2017.

All citizens, young entrepreneurs, slow travelers, third sector workers and other stakeholders can participate.

All potentially interested in contributing to the initiative, through ideas and suggestions for the enhancement of public buildings involved in the project.

The properties that have been identified and participating in the project are 103 of which 43 are owned by the state, 50 by the local authorities and 10 of ANAS SpA.

The project WALKS AND PATHS is implemented with the publication of tenders for the properties located along the paths and pathways identified. Those owned by the State and other public entities will have to follow two procedures:

· free concession ex art. 11 Co. 3 D.L. N. 83/2014, Conv. In L. N. 106/2014 to companies, cooperatives and young associations, aimed precisely at the creation of national circuits of excellence and the promotion of pedestrian, cycle and mototurist routes;

· concession for enhancement ex art. 3-bis D.L. N. 351/2001, Conv. In L. N. 410/2001, to be entrusted to individuals who are able to sustain important investment costs for the recovery of real estate. The entrusting of the properties of Anas S.p.A. will be applied according to the special Valorisation tools available to the institution.

After 2017, the project will also be replicated in 2018 and 2019, always granting 100 properties every year. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will also provide 3 million euros (through 4 calls) to provide mentorship to startups who will participate in the project and guide them in the first two years of life.

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