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Curiosity Love Travel

Curiosity prompted me to create this site as it has always pushed me in my whole life to always seek for answers. Love for our beautiful Country and travel discovering landscapes and abandoned villages where public administrations often struggle to valorise the local resources, but where citizens can make a difference for the enhancement and reappropriation of natural landscapes.

Intrigued by the news of the project Case a 1 euro (1€ Houses), with the clamor around Salemi a few years ago, I saw news occasionally from the national media of municipalities that would adhere to this project. I started to investigate in order to have and an overview of the phenomenon and of course, as per my own nature, I wanted to share my findings. I wanted to gather the information that appeared occasionally on the media in one place, a website that I would contain all the latest news regarding the phenomenon of urban regeneration.

The editor

Native of Ancona in the Marche, but of Tuscan origin. Woman, mother, wife and young grandmother, my daily activity is divided between family life and my job in the public administration, not to mention my many personal interests.

With my passion for creativity and technology, and my eyes constantly pointed at the future, I love good food made with high-quality, fresh produce. Thanks to my artistic education, art and music are the soundtrack of my life as the love for nature and for all animals.

For many, my name is Paola Alberti; You too can call me that!

To bring all this to fruition I couldn’t have done without the help of my creative life companion, Maurizio, who organized everything into a concrete project.


A great companion with whom to share a suitcase that is always ready for new adventures.

Travel as research and intimate but shareable journey.

Marketing and the Web are my passion and my job. A good Marketing plan is the basis of the development of a website and all the activities aimed at promoting it.

The love for music and cooking with the capital “C”.

You can call me Mauri

“… there is no greater joy than having a constantly changing horizon… “Christopher McCandless