Villa San Pietro and the struggle to counter depopulation

Villa San Pietro e Spopolamento
The municipality of Villa San Pietro - part of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari - is also the subject of funds earmarked by Regional Law No. 3 of 09/03/2022,Provisions on combating depopulation”.In fact, the City Council has approved the publication of the call for applications for funds.We are talking, in fact, about the attempt to stem the phenomenon of depopulation of ...
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1€ houses in Bonnanaro: finally photos of available houses

Images are finally online of the properties to be redeveloped that the municipality of Bonnanaro (SS) has earmarked for the €1 home initiative.As is well known, some Italian municipalities, in an effort to promote the area and try to counter depopulation and abandonment of small towns, have joined the interesting initiative "House for 1 euro" which offers the opportunity f...
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Bonnanaro – Sassari – Sardinia

The municipality of Bonnanaro launches its own 1 euro houses initiative! Here's how to participate and buy your home for 1 euro in Bonnanaro.Update Nov. 7, 2022: The following have finally been made public. images of available houses in the municipality of Bonnanaro, find out what they are now!Getting to know BonnanaroThe village of Bonnanaro was born indicatively ar...
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The Municipality of Romana in Sardinia adheres to the 1 Euro House Project

In Sardinia the1 Euro House project expands to the municipality of Romana in the province of Sassari. The Municipality of Romana awaits the availability of the sale of real estate by private individuals so that it will soon be available for purchase with 1 euro.Getting to know RomanaThe village of Romana is situated at 330 meters above sea level. It is located on a table...
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Nulvi – Sassari – Sardinia

The 1 Euro Houses Project in Nulvi continues successfully. Four properties are available.Nulvi, a village of about 3000 inhabitants in the province of Sassari, is a village that has been for centuries the main center of Anglona, a historical region of northern Sardinia. In the 1960s a big depopulation hit the village.The municipal administration, on the way to this new ...
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Montresta – Oristano – Sardinia

The municipality of Montresta also joins the Project "1 Euro Houses"Territory in Sardinia and MontrestaMontresta is a small village of just above 400 inhabitants in Planargia, bordering Logudoro Turritano. Its town, near Bosa, is 40 km from Alghero, 80 from the capital of Oristano and less than half an hour drive from the beaches of Bosa Marina . The territory of Montre...
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Ollolai – Nuoro – Sardinia

The 1 euro houses arrive to Ollolai!The municipality of Ollolai in the province of Nuoro, the main center of the homonymous Ollolai Barbagia, willing to restore, restructure and reuse the building heritage, participates in the project case a 1 Euro (Houses for 1 Euro).«This is how it works – explains the mayor of Ollolai Efisio Arbau –: the owners of underutilized or unu...
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