Villa San Pietro and the struggle to counter depopulation

Villa San Pietro e Spopolamento
The municipality of Villa San Pietro - part of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari - is also the subject of funds earmarked by Regional Law No. 3 of 09/03/2022,Provisions on combating depopulation”.In fact, the City Council has approved the publication of the call for applications for funds.We are talking, in fact, about the attempt to stem the phenomenon of depopulation of ...
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Calitri and Depopulation: €5,000 to those who move

Calitri e Spopolamento
The municipality of Calitri, in the province of Avellino, is also one of Italy's 1,187 municipalities to receive the Support Fund for Marginal Municipalities for the 2021/2023 biennium.This fund, established by Prime Ministerial Decree on Sept. 30, 2021 and published in the Official Gazette on Dec. 14, 2021, provides for the disbursement of a total sum of 180 million euros a...
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Presicce Acquarica and Depopulation: 30 thousand euros to move to Salento

Presicce Acquarica e Spopolamento: al via il bando per combatterlo
The problem of depopulation of minor Italy that we find throughout our country, especially in the hinterland and in the Central South, has prompted local administrators to promote a series of initiatives (such as the one brought by the 1 euro houses" project) aimed at countering the ill effects of this phenomenon.Abandoned historic centers, as well as the traditions and stor...
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1 Euro Houses Floridia: goodbye depopulation thanks to “1€ Houses”

Case a 1 Euro Floridia: al via al progetto
Floridia is a small town in the province of Syracuse that, like so many others in our country, has been affected by the phenomenon of depopulation from the city center, with even heavy consequences for the local economy.The current residents, in fact, although not very few - Floridia has about 20,000 inhabitants - mainly accuse the need to recover the housing function and...
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Montalbano Jonico and Depopulation: support funds for municipalities.

Montalbano Jonico e Spopolamento: finalmente i fondi a sostegno dei comuni
In recent years, the attention of successive governments has also partly focused on an issue that, in Italy, is coming to the fore in all its drama, namely the depopulation of small municipalities. To curb the phenomenon a series of economic measures were introduced designed to promote the repopulation and economy of the most affected geographical areas.Art. 1 c. 196 of ...
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La terra chiama: book review

La terra chiama is the newly published book by the author Valentina Boschetto Doorly (Arezzo, 1963). The book is available in Italian.The book explores the migration from cities to the countryside, mountains and isolated villages that is affecting our contemporary. An unstructured movement born as a reaction to the increasingly suffocating metropolitan life and environmental...
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