How and where to buy 1 Euro Houses in Italy

The 1 Euro Houses projects are expanding throughout Italy. But how and where to buy the 1 Euro Houses? What are the procedures? What are the actual costs of such a purchase? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.The small villages adhere to various projects to repopulate the territory.Where to start when we want to buy 1 Euro Houses?For those who he...
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Do you want to live in the mountains? Piedmont launches the initiative for those who want to move

On September 1st, the Piedmont Region has published an announcement with which it intends to encourage those who want to change their lives by moving to a country nestled in its mountains. For those who want to live in the mountains this could be a good opportunity to move.Living in the mountains: Opportunities for those who want to moveThe President of the Piedmont Regi...
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The villages pay half rent to those who move for remote working

Santa Fiora: smart working village
The small abandoned villages are being activated with remote working. Some time ago, the Huffpost told the stories of those who moved for remote working in Santa Fiora. The small village in the province of Grossetto has offered to those who move half the rent paid.Santa Fiora is a town in the province of Grosseto with about 2500 inhabitants. To combat depopulation, the vil...
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Calabria offers 28 thousand euros for you to move to thier abandoned villages

In Calabria you can find many abandoned villages that risk degradation. A number of projects have been implemented to combat depopulation. Among them the 1 Euro Houses Projects and a new initiative: paying future residents. For nine villages in the region is in fact being studied an initiative that has had resonance even in the United States, in an in-depth analysis by CNN. Up...
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1 Euro Houses, the pandemic awakens interest in Italian villages

The 1 Euro Houses Project has experienced a boom in visits in 2020, and 2021 promises even better. The voice of the buyers: "Covid has made us reapreciate the little things.""Sergio (so he wants to be called) shows us his little kingdom through the smartphone camera. "That's the only way in and out, because this was a castle. Here is our stone house and there the square ...
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Most beautiful village in Italy 2021: Tropea in Calabria

We have a winner for the 2021most beautiful village in Italy and it's Tropea in Calabria.Tropea is located in the province of Vibo Valentina, located in the Calabria region. A coastal country, recognized for its sandy beaches along an unspoiled turquoise sea. Also known for its many noble palaces, Tropea has a rich history, arising in the period of the ancient Greek colonies...
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1 Euro Houses in Italy? A dream that can come true

The Houses for 1 euro have been available for some time in Italy, starting in 2009 in Gangi. But how do houses work at 1 euro in Italy and how can a person (Italian or non-Italian) buy such a house?How do 1 Euro Houses in Italy?1 Euro Houses a project, aimed at repopulating and renovating old traditional Italian houses in small abandoned villages. They suffer from a ma...
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Corner houses in Sardinia: How do they work

The corner houses in Sardinia account for 30 buildings that will soon be assigned. What is it about?Their history dates back to 1830. The Royal Decree of the King of Sardinia, Carlo Felice, establishes the figure of the "cantoniere", entrusting them with the task of maintaining and controlling a "corner house" of the road. This is how the corner house was born. It is plann...
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