1€ houses in Bonnanaro: finally photos of available houses

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Images are finally online of the properties to be redeveloped that the municipality of Bonnanaro (SS) has earmarked for the €1 home initiative.

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As is well known, some Italian municipalities, in an effort to promote the area and try to counter depopulation and abandonment of small towns, have joined the interesting initiative “House for 1 euro” which offers the opportunity for those interested to purchase for the symbolic price of 1 euro a property located in participating municipalities.

Potential buyers are, however, obliged to proceed, within a time frame defined from time to time by individual municipalities, to renovate and redevelop the same as a private home, accommodation business or commercial premises.

The Municipality of Bonnanaro has posted on its website the documentation to be produced required to express interest in participating in this initiative, and images and descriptions of individual properties potentially targeted for renovation are now online.

Houses at 1€ Bonnanaro: photos of available houses

This is a unique opportunity to fulfill the dream shared by so many of going to live in a location in beautiful Sardinia, in contact with a rare and unspoiled reality.

Contacts and useful information from the municipality

Municipality of Bonnanaro

4 Garibaldi Street

07043 Bonnanaro SS

PEC mail: protocollo@pec.comune.bonnanaro.ss.it

Web: https://comune.bonnanaro.ss.it/home

Public notice 1€ houses Municipality of Bonnanaro