The Municipality of Romana in Sardinia adheres to the 1 Euro House Project

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In Sardinia the1 Euro House project expands to the municipality of Romana in the province of Sassari. The Municipality of Romana awaits the availability of the sale of real estate by private individuals so that it will soon be available for purchase with 1 euro.

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Getting to know Romana

The village of Romana is situated at 330 meters above sea level. It is located on a table formed by volcanic and limestone rocks, in a predominantly flat territory, rich in prehistoric evidence. Aroun it, we can admire a beautiful karst landscapes. We can find here the Inghiltidolzu cave in the nearby Santu Giagu valley. Nearby flows the Temo river,which ends in an artificial lake near Monteleone,a few kilometers from Romana.

The history of Romana, like many Sardinian countries, is closely connected to nuragic civilization. Nearby we can find the necropolis of “Puttu Codinu” consisting of nine tombs. The burials are placed on two rocky outcrops, in an area of hills and valleys.

In addition, you should visit the nuraghe Costas a Pira,very close to Romana. Nuraghi are stone constructions in the shape of a cone without a tip. They are unique in their kind and representative of the nuragic civilization. As they are ancient and unique structures in the world, living nearby will give you a sense of history and belonging to the territory and its people.

The streets of the village are characterized by the presence of numerous murals some of which represent scenes of agropastoral life. Others draw inspiration from the valuable paintings of the painter Brancaleone Cugusi, considered one of the most original artistic personalities of Sardinia of the first half of the 20th century. A few kilometers away you can visit the sanctuary of San Lussorio (cheja de Santu Lussùlzu), located inside a cave, and the 17th-century country church of Santa Maria de s’Ispidale (cheja de Santa Maria Ispidale).

Sardinian gastronomy

Sardinian cuisine can satisfy all of you who love meat. Between lamb, pork and sheep you can find many local delicacies and wonderful dishes. We mention only the most famous: porceddu (young pork), lamb, cordula etc. For those who prefer pasta, sardinian durum wheat semola pasta (pasta sarda) and gnocchi are not to be missed. Excellent the local fish dishes as well.

For those who love nature and immersion in ancient history, Sardinia and the municipality of Romana are the right place to plan your dream 1 Euro House Project. We must not forget that you are only a 45-minute drive away from the most beautiful sea in Sardinia.

How to reach Romana


  • Alghero – Fertilia Airport: Follow the SS291 to Sassari, continuing on the SS127bis and SS131bis for Ittiri, then onto the SP 28bis to Romana, 50 minutes.
  • Cagliari – Elmas Airport: Take the E25 towards Sassari, continuing on the SS129 to Romana, 2 hours 10 minutes.


  • From Sassari: Take the E25, continuing on the SS131bis and SP129 to Romana, 32 minutes.
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The 1 Euro House Project in Romana

Currently, the municipality is in the first phase of the project, so there are still no houses available for purchase. For those interested in the sale of the old houses that need renovation and a new loving owner, you can fill out the form provided by the municipality and send it by e-mail or physical mail.

For the sale of the house it is necessary to present the following documentation:

  • Application for availability to sell the property for the symbolic price of 1 Euro.
  • Cadastral documentation of the property.
  • Photographic documentation of the current state of the property.
  • Copy of the valid identity document of the subscribers of the application.
  • A copy of the title of ownership.

We will follow the 1 Euro House Project of Romana to bring you the announcement of the sale of the 1 Euro Houses when they are available.

Link to the call available here.

Contacts of the municipality of Romana

Comune di Romana

Via Roma 50

07010 Romana (SS)

PEC mail:

Pagina Facebook qui.

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