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Serradifalco joins the 1 euro houses project in 2022. It had been approved in the council and now also the city council to the regulation to allow the sale of houses for 1 euro. Here’s how to join the 1 euro houses project in Serradifalco.

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Getting to know Serradifalco

From the early 1900s to today, Serradifalco has undergone a continuous demographic reduction until it reaches the current 6,300 inhabitants. Very recently, the plan for the recovery of the historic center drawn up by the Municipal Administration has obtained significant recognition in the national field by winning the “Gubbio 2003 Award”.

Country of Mines and Traditions

Lake Soprano, also known as “Cuba”, is a surface cavity characteristic of karst soils produced by the action of the waters on the limestone. It is located a short distance from the town of Serradifalco in a natural depression filled with waters from springs and rains. The origin of the lake dates back at least to the early 1900s. In 1991 the lake was included in the regional plan of Parks and Reserves oriented towards wetlands, resting and nesting areas for many bird species.

How to reach Serradifalco


  • From Agrigento , 40 km, 35 min.


  • From Cat ania airport, 125 km, 1h 30 min: From the airport head towards the A19 for Palermo. After about 90 km, exit the A19 at the exit for Caltanissetta and Agrigento. Continue towards Caltanissetta and Agrigento on the SS117bis, SS122 and SS626. Once you have passed Caltanissetta continue for the road signs towards Serradifalco.
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The 1 Euro Houses Project in Serradifalco

Here’s how the 1 euro houses project in Serradifalco will work: The municipal initiative called “ Serradifalco – One euro houses ” is valid for a period of 5 years. The relative public notice will be open and usable until all the sale proposals received are exhausted.

The guidelines for 1 euro houses in Serradifalco include:

  • Privately owned buildings, neither inhabited nor habitable, in evident conditions of structural, static, hygienic-sanitary deterioration. The owners can express their willingness to join the initiative of the Municipality and discard it, even at a symbolic price.
  • Privately owned buildings, not inhabited but habitable, which, although not in evident conditions of structural, static, hygienic-sanitary deterioration. The owners can express their willingness to join the initiative of the Municipality and discard it, even at a symbolic price.

The owners of these manufacturers (real estate, houses) can fill in one of the forms provided by the municipality and make the dilapidated house available for sale for 1 euro.

For those who want to join the Serradifalco 1 euro houses project as a buyer, they must fill out a separate form. Buyers must:

  • Demonstrate your will to join the public initiative called ” Serradifalco – One euro houses ” approved by the Municipality of Serradifalco (CL).
  • Declare to be in possession of the admissibility requirements provided for by the guidelines approved by the Municipality which must indicate and specify in detail.
  • Demonstrate the desire to acquire the property, marked with the n .____ in the section of the site ” Serradifalco – Case ad un euro “, at the symbolic price of € 1.00 (one euro)
  • Undertake and undertake to bear the expenses, none excluded, however connected to the regular transfer of ownership of the property (notary, tax, transfer, succession, even late, any building amnesties, etc.);
  • Declare (by ticking the relevant item) that, in accordance with the guidelines and your investment project, the property you will purchase will be destined for:
    • Homes for young couples or disadvantaged families.
    • Homes for individuals and / or families.
    • Homes to be used as second homes.
    • Tourist-accommodation facilities (B&B, Albergo diffuso, etc.).
    • Premises for shops and / or craft workshops.
    • Headquarters for cultural, musical, sports, and other non-profit organizations.
  • Stipulate a surety policy in favor of the Municipality of Serradifalco, for the amount of € 5,000.00 , valid for 3 years to guarantee the effective implementation of the project. If the buyer is in default, the Municipality has the right to collect the deposit.
  • To undertake to finalize the signing of the sale contract with the private seller within 2 months from the approval of the deeds of assignment.
  • Obliging to prepare and deposit the project for the restructuring of the acquired property at the competent Municipality Office, in compliance with the current regulations of the time and according to the chosen destination, no later than 6 months from the signing of the sales contract with the seller.
  • To undertake to start the works no later than the established deadline and to complete them no later than 3 years from the start of the works.

To review the municipal resolution and access all the detailed documentation of the Case 1 euro project in Serradifalco, visit the website here .

Contacts of the municipality of Serradifalco

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