Salemi at the center of the world: The BBC series on houses for 1 euro arrives

Thanks to the 1 euro houses initiative, the municipality of Salemi reaches a new turning point. There will be a documentary series on houses for 1 euro, which will be broadcast on BBC One.The collaboration between Salemi and Voltage TV for BBC One.The British production company Voltage TV bought one of the houses put up for sale by the municipality at the symbolic price ...
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New 1 Euro Houses in Salemi, Sicily

An auction is available for the first 36 real estate units in the town Salemi, located in the province of Trapani. In 2016, Salemi has been included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy.For more information on this, visit the web page here.Sources:
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Salemi – Trapani – Sicilia

Salemi 1 euro houses
Salemi was among the first to experiment with the 1 Euro Houses Project in Italy. Among the first proponents was also the ex-mayor Vittorio Sgarbi. The current municipal administration continues with the initiative, selling houses for 1 euro in the ancient village of the historic center.Getting to know SalemiThe small Sicilian village is located in the heart of the Belic...
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