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Supported by councilor Toti Negrelli, with the aim of recovering thehistoric center and give impetus to local production activities, even the municipalityof Mussomeli, adheres to the 1 euro houses project,that is, the sale of old uninhabited houses of the historic center at the symbolic price of 1 euro.

Mussomeli is located in Sicily,in the hilly area of the province of Caltanissetta. It raises at 750meters above sea level and its pretty old town betrays its Punic origins.The whole area around Mussomeli was inhabited very early, both for thefertility of the territory that for the place rich in rocks and heights from wherebe able to control the potential arrival of enemies.

It is assumed that already in pre-Hellenic times, that is, before 1500 a.C., here there were settlements of Sicani and Siculi. As evidence of this, archaeological sites have been found that can represent an interesting visit, walking through the paths immersed in the vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub. The historic center is undoubtedly worth a visit, but what most attracts tourists is the magnificent Chiaramonte Castle,perched on an impervious rocky outcrop for almost 700 years!

«Foreigners – declares councillor Nigrelli – have been enchanted by the orography of our territory. Mussomeli is located 700m above sea level. Almost every house in our old town enjoys a lovely view. There is no shortage of sunshine: it only rains 20 days a year and the panorama is unique. … Mussomeli is one of the safest cities in Italy. No robberies have been reported for years, thanks to a sophisticated video surveillance system and the presence of numerous police forces patrolling the city. “

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How the 1 euro houses project work in Mussomeli

The objective of the Municipality of Mussomeli is to recover and enhance theuninhabited and abandoned buildings in the historic center.

The buildings have not been inhabited for many years and are in conditionevident degradation.

The recovery and redevelopment of these properties will allow theenhancement of the historical part of the country, will boost socio-economic growthand will allow the establishment of new residential communities

Involved parties

The owners of the properties that give the willingness to sellthe property free of charge or at a symbolic price for a period of 3 years.

The municipality that is committed to promoting the project in every form both through waysinstitutional both through the Media, Internet and Social Networks.

Prepares documentation, provides information, clarifications andcollaboration also in English and photos of the properties.

It manages assignments and waiting lists.

The buyers can be:

  • Individual companies, agencies, societies, cooperatives occupied in the sectors:construction, sale, management of properties for tourist-receptive purposes orfor housing purposes.
  • Private Italian, EU and non-EU citizens, interested in the useresidential, commercial, artisanal, tourist – receptive;
  • Craft and /or commercial enterprises, in compliance with current legislation,interested in recovery for use in their business activity(shops and / or craft workshops of weaving, tailoring, productionsagro-food etc.);
  • Cultural, musical, sports associations etc. and other organizationsnon-profit-making parties concerned as registered office and for the performance of their ownactivity.

The buyer in compliance with the requirements can submit the application for purchase of oneor more properties declaring their destination.

Buyer’s obligations

  • Complete the stipulation of the contract of sale within two monthsfrom the assignment communication. It is also committed to supporting allexpenses related to the transfer of ownership.
  • Deposit with the Offices of the Municipality the project for the execution of thework.
  • Start work within the deadline and complete it within threeyears since their inception.
  • Take out a surety policy in favor of the Municipality of Mussomeli,of the amount € 5,000.00 (euro five thousand) with validity of 3 years toguarantee ingedian the project. If the buyer isthe municipality has the right to cash the bail.

The buyer must submit the following documents

  • Expression of interest in purchasing
  • Brief technical and explanatory report on the recovery proposalintended use of the property and the necessary building intervention

It is advisable to takevision of the OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION


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Piazza della Repubblica
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