Salemi – Trapani – Sicilia

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Salemi was the first to experiment with the 1 Euro Houses Project in Italy, ledby by the then mayor Vittorio Sgarbi. The new municipal administration still believes in the success of the 1 Euro Houses Project. This is wht they’ve put on sale 36 houses for 1 euroin the village’s historic center.

Located in the heart of the Belice Valley at an altitude of 446 meters, it is an Arab-medieval city of great urban importance. It stands in an equidistant position with respect to the major centers of the territory.

Located among the hills cultivated with vineyards and olive groves, it gathers around the castle. From the castle’s crenellated terrace of the circular tower you can see a vast panorama of western Sicily up to the sea.

The town is included in the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy.The association groups small Italian municipalities for their great artistic, cultural and historical importance, for the harmony of the urban fabric, liveability and services to citizens.

In the historic center there are ancient palaces, made in the local bell stone. The oldest church there is the early Christian basilica of San Miceli. You can also find the medieval castle and the Jewish quarter. Usually quiet, Salemi fills up with people on the days of the feast of St. Joseph (March 19th). The town stages symbolic dinners and turns into a very rich succession of altars decorated with arabesque loaves, rich in allegorical elements. Don’t miss the many small museums.

The coast and sea of Sicily are a 40-minute drive away.

How to reach Salemi


  • Palermo International Airport, where you can take rental cars or regular buses.


  • From Palermo 1 hour and 30 minutes via E90
Altitudine446 metri

How does the 1 Euro Houses Project work in Salemi

The municipality has provided a site 1 Euro Houses in Salemi where you can view the call and download the questions how to view the floor plans of the properties for sale. The call, published in Italian and English, provides as a deadline of August 31, 2021. By that date, the persons concerned must submit their offer by hand or by registered mail.

For those who open a business in the village, the Municipality provides up to 10.000,00 EUR in tax and contribution relief.

According to what you learn from the municipality’s website and the dedicated website to participate in the call you must follow the following steps and follow these rules:

  • Submit the application for the chosen lot by August 31, 2021;
  • Make an offer for the property you are interested in;
  • Attach a deposit of 3.000,00 EUR to guarantee the real intention to purchase;
  • Foreign nationals may also participate;
  • It is possible to allocate the property to commercial activities;
  • You can buy more than one house;
  • It is not mandatory to move the residence to Salemi;
  • Restructuring must be completed within three years;
  • Notarial, secretarial, warranty policy, cadastral floor plan, the A.P.E. and local tax charges are borne by the buyer.

More information about the salemi 1 Euro Houses Project are also available here.

Update 29th September, 2021

The examination of the applications received following the public notice on the 1 euro houses in Salemi was carried out. The available lots were assigned to those who bid the most for the specific lot available. The result is available on the municipality website, in the official document for the assignment of municipal properties.

Currently, all auctions for 1 euro houses are suspended pending the assignment of the lots sold and a new tender with additional houses available for purchase.

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All the information to buy 1 Euro Houses in Salemi

Municipality of Salemi

Piazza Dittatura, 1

91018 Salemi (Trapani)

Telefono: +39092499122

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