San Biagio Platani – Agrigento – Sicily

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In the province of Agrigento, San Biagio Platani is joining the 1 euro houses initiative. This is how they organized in San Biagio Platani for the sale of houses for the symbolic price of 1 euro.

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Getting to know San Biagio Platani

San Biagio Platani is an inland town of Agrigento, 38 kilometers from the regional capital city. It is located on the middle slope of a hill that culminates in contrada Garipi and slopes toward the Platani River.

The village’s economy is based on agriculture with a distribution of arable land, gardens, almond groves, olive groves and vineyards. The advent of pistachio groves probably occurred in the mid-1800s. The territory of the municipality is included in the Raffadali Pistachio PDO production area.

The population took place at a steady pace, and as early as 1653 the town had about 300 inhabitants. But in the 18th century, the production crisis and the too-old institutional political system led to a decline in population trends.

The decadence of Sicilian noble families did not spare even that of the lord of San Biagio, who moved to the Villa della Noce in Palermo and, in a series of contracts drawn up in the late eighteenth century, consigned all the estates to gabella. The year 1812 marked the end of feudalism. In 1864 the name Platani was added to distinguish this municipality from other Italian towns with the same toponym.

The most unique event that attracts massive attendance every year is certainly the Easter event. On this occasion, unique arches made of bamboo canes and other such plants are constructed. Characteristic bread souvenirs are also sold.

San Biagio Platani Easter
Preparations for Easter in San Biagio Platani.

How to get to San Biagio Platani


  • From Agrigento, 40km, 45min: Take State Road 118/SS118 in the direction of Contrada Buagimi in Raffadali. Continue on Contrada Buagimi in the direction of Raffadali. Take SP19 in the direction of Viale della Vittoria in San Biagio Platani. Follow Viale della Vittoria to Corso Umberto I.
  • From Catania, 180km, 2h 30min: Take Via Plebiscito and Asse Attrezzato di Catania/Via Giuseppe di Gregorio/Viale Cristoforo Fioravante in the direction of A19. Follow A19 and SS640 in the direction of Contrada Capo in Aragona. Take the exit towards Aragona from SS189. Take SP17 and SP19 in the direction of Corso Umberto I in San Biagio Platani.
  • From Palermo, 130km, 2h 25min: Take E90 from Via Roma, Via Francesco Paolo Perez, Via Oreto, Via dell’Orsa Minore and Viale Regione Siciliana. Follow E90, SS285 and SS189 towards SP20 in Acquaviva platani. Continued on SP20. Take Contrada Serre in the direction of Corso Umberto I in San Biagio Platani.


  • Catania Airport: 175km, 2h 20min.
  • Palermo Airport: 180km, 2h 30min.
Altitudine416 m

San Biagio Platani’s €1 Houses project

The idea arose from the observation of the progressive tearing apart of the urban fabric caused by the abandonment of housing, in many cases dilapidated. The €1 Houses Initiative aims to enable those who join to contribute, each for his or her part, to the achievement of housing, commercial and artisanal revitalization of the hamlet.

The municipality is currently looking for those interested in selling the abandoned houses.

For more information on the notice and access to the attachments, visit the municipality’s website.

Contacts of the municipality

Municipality of San Biagio Platani

Corso Umberto I, 105

92020 San Biagio Platani AG

PEC email:

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