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The Municipality of Biccari participates in the 1 Euro Houses with 15 properties made available for sale at the symbolic price starting from the sum of 1 euro. The project aimed at repopulating the lively country with 2600 inhabitants starts this year even if the call has been proposed since 2019.

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To talk about Biccari and the beautiful initiative of mayor Gianfilippo Mignona,it was CNN and Forbes magazine, always very attentive to these initiatives in our country , and after the publication the municipality was literally flooded with requests from all over the world.

Getting to know Biccari

The village of Biccari enjoys an excellent geographical position at 450 above sea level, the center of the village has a middle-class heart. Walking through the cobbled streets of the village we can identify what were to be Byzantine fortifications of which only ruins remain, but we find intact the fortified Tower of 23 meters high that can be visited today and place of exhibitions and events.

The Church of Maria SS. Assunta is the mother church of Biccari, it is a semblance of neoclassical architecture, and was built in the middle of the last century on the pre-existing church founded in the seventeenth century.

Of particular interest is certainly Palazzo Caracciolo, today the seat of the Town Hall that was built in the 16th century by the Signoria dei Caracciolo, a noble Neapolitan family. Inside is preserved the original of the Cross of Porta Pozzi, built in 1473 by Matteo Stendardo, lord of Biccari. It is a Greek cross, enclosed in a ring decorated with woven laurel leaves was raised outside the walls of the country to supernatural defense and with a propitiating function for the wanderer.

There are several paths to follow in the woods adjacent to the village. With a 4 km walk from the village, you can reach Lake Pescara and enjoy its Naturalistic Oasis has areas equipped for picnics, wildlife observation points and birdwatching and resting places. While wishing to continue we can get to the top of the mountain of Monte Cornacchia with its 1151 meters is the highest point of Puglia and from here we can admire breathtaking landscapes.

You can’t miss the culinary delicacies of Puglia. Apulian oil and rigatoni, delicious truffle and saffron, black pig sausage and wine to delight mouth and palate this and much more you can find in Biccari.

The village of Biccari is a 33-minute drive from the town of Foggia, and with 1 hour’s drive you can reach the beaches of the Adriatic Sea coast.

How to reach Biccari

By plane:

  • Reggio Calabria Straits Airport

By Car:

  • From the A 14 motorway: exit Foggia, SS 16 for Bari, SS 17 for Lucera-Campobasso, SP 130 for Biccari.
  • From the A16 motorway: exit Candela, highway to Foggia exit Troia, follow signs for Troia, in Troia continue for Lucera then detour to Biccari.
Altitudine450 m

The 1 Euro Houses Project in Biccari

As mentioned above, the Municipality of Biccari gave approval to the project of 1 Euro Houses in 2019 by resolution 87/2019. Recently it has promoted the sale of the properties to be re-established that have become available for the symbolic sale of 1 euro, and to other properties for sale at different prices between 13/15 thousand euros but of houses already settled.

The municipality’s initiative concerns the redevelopment of the historic center and the safety of the existing buildings and consequently the sanitary and hygienic accommodation of different critical situations. It aims to contribute to the socio-economic growth of the country, through the recovery of a historical, architectural and urban fabric of vital importance. Finally, the project contributes to the implementation of socio-cultural integration, through the extension of the housing and tourist-receptive offer, also to possible non-resident subjects. In the realization of the project, the Municipality plays the role of main bearer of public interests, but will not be entitled to intervene in the negotiations and in general in the private relations that will be established between sellers and buyers, without prejudice to compliance with the clauses provided for in the notice and public notice and the procedures for the assignment of properties to be carried out in total transparency.

The call is available here.

Thepublic notice is available here.

The public notice of the “Case a Biccari” project is available here.

For all the information on 1 Euro Houses and other real estate, visit the website of the municipality here.

Contacts of the Municipality of Biccari

Municipality of Biccari

Town Hall Square,1

71032 Biccari (FG)

Tel 0881591007