1 Euro Houses in Acerenza – Potenza – Basilicata

Acerenzain the province of Potenza, is a small town of fewer than 4000 people, which offers the possibility to buy a house for 1 euro in the historic centre of the village.

The initiative of the project is to repopulate the ancient center abandoned by the local population, as explained by the mayor of Acerenza, Fernando Scattone:

” The goal of the municipality is to encourage private individuals to divest the abandoned real estateassets to the symbolic amount of 1€ through a contract of sale in which the buyer undertakes to renovate the property in 48 months.

These houses are in a state of neglect and dilapidation, with falling fixtures, degraded plasters, problems with the roof and roofs, failure to lace up the managers of light and water. The goal is to recover and enhance the existing real estate heritage, revitalizing the historic centre and develop new housing settlements, tourist-receptive activities, shops or craft shops. We want to help owners to get rid of dilapidated properties and allow those who want, through renovation, to give them new life.”


The history of Acerenza dates back to the ancient period, it was first mentioned in the 6th century BC. The city dominated the great arteries that connected the south with Rome, the Via Appia, the Appia-Traiana and the Via Erculea that led to the Ionian coast. In the Middle Ages, the city was contested between the Lombards and Byzantines, who contested the properties of the territory and the payment of taxes. This indicates the importance of the village of Acerenza still well connected and geographically strategic.

In its territory, Acerenza has an enviable forest heritage of about 900 hectares. The Bosco di San Giuliano consists mainly of a tall oak. This heritage extends to the northwest, between the Bradano River and the Fiumarella river and along the artificial lake that arose with the construction of the Dam downstream of the town. Lake Acerenza covers 2 sq km and is of great botanical and wildlife importance and it is possible to practice sport fishing for the countless varieties of fish present in the lake. The town of Acerenza is included in the top 50 most beautiful villages in Italy, and in 2014 it took fourth place in the national race called by rai3’s television program “Kilimanjaro”. Its historic centre has maintained the characteristics of a medieval village with a radially patterned urbanism around the Lombard Castle and the monumental Cathedral,testimony of the glorious past of this municipality.

Not to be missed are nature and the neighbouring woods, without forgetting the architectural and historical structures of the village. With typical products such as Pipoli Aglianico del Vulture DOC (local red wine), Acerenza is the perfect place for those who want a life intertwined with nature.

Altitudine833 m

How to reach Acerenza


  • Bari Palese Airport
  • Naples Capodichino Airport


  • From BARI: 1 hour 20 minutes via State Road 96, turning on Provincial Road 112 towards Acerenza.
  • FROM NAPLES: Take the A3 motorway to Potenza. Pass Potenza on the E45 towards Varco D’izzo, then continue on State Road 7 towards Acerenza.

The 1 Euro Houses project in Acerenza

The Municipality of Acerenza tries to start a project for the recovery, redevelopment and enhancement of the existing real estate heritage, with particular regard to that part of the historic centre that is in conditions of abandonment, degradation or dilapidated. In this first phase, it is mainly interested in detecting interest from buyers of real estate and owners interested in the sale of the properties at a symbolic price.

The implementing entities undertake to:

  • Enter into a notarial public deed of purchase of the property within 30 days of the enforceability of the determination of approval of the request;
  • Incur all the costs for the preparation of the deed of sale (notary, registration, volture, stacking, etc.);
  • Prepare and present a project for the renovation and recovery of the property to the municipal engineering department, acquiring all the necessary opinions, within 3 months from the date of purchase, noted in the purchase contract;
  • Start work within the designated time, stated with the issue of the building permit;
  • Complete all works within 48 months of the initial date of the project;
  • The Municipality of Acerenza has the right to request clarifications or additions with respect to the expression of interest in the purchase presented, if this is deemed necessary for the correct evaluation of the proposals.

Link to the municipal notice here.

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Contacts of the municipality

Comune di Acerenza

Via Vittorio Emanuele III, 151

85011 Acerenza, PZ

email: info@comune.acerenza.pz.it

tel: +39 0971 741129