1 Euro Houses in Pietramelara – Caserta – Campania

The “village without inhabitants” is thus defined as the village of Pietramelara that has decided to repopulate the country and launch the initiative of 1 euro houses.

The historic (centre) village of Pietramelara is now inhabited by about fifteen families. Many inhabitants have preferred to build outside the old village because they consider it uncomfortable, especially for parking cars. Many properties have been thus abandoned, left there to decay and posing danger to passers by. But the village is charming and deserves to be attractive for both residential and tourist purposes.

The Mayor Pasquale di Fruscio explains: “We do not have any foreclosure to those who want to buy for housing purposes, but we would also like to receive requests from people who want to set up productive activities in our territory. I think maybe of a B&B, restaurants and maybe even a widespread hotel.”

This is how the 1 euro houses project offers a solution to the problem, able to satisfy everyone: owners, buyers, the inhabitants and the municipality itself. So heartfelt is this need on the part of the administration, that the 1 euro houses project in Pietramelara was born in the aftermath of the conference “Let’s recover the disused villages”,promoted by the authorities with the aim of combating the abandonment of houses in the historic center and reviving the most beautiful part of the Municipality.


The central old village of Pietramelara, which has less than 1000 inhabitants, is built on a hill overlooking “the plain of castles”,and is placed in the shadow of Monte Maggiore.

The large access door to the village “Porta della Madonna della Libera” is the entrance to the magnificent ancient village, In a dominant position at the centre, we can see also the ancient watchtower.

All around the village there are walls with 12 ancient watchtowers. Inside the village, the houses in the shade of the alleys, arches and underpasses, make up for an authentic early medieval jewel.

Just outside these walls is the historic Doge’s Palace, dating back to the 15th century. In addition of hosting important families and sovereigns, it is also one of the first examples of a stately southern home. These are usually attached to a large garden park.

It may remind us of the gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta that would have been built two centuries later.
Particularly interesting, in addition to the former convent of Sant’Agostino, is the Mother Church of San Rocco.

You can go trekking or mountain bikingon Monte Maggiore, among beautiful chestnut, oak and beech woods, being in contact with a still almost uncontaminated nature. Go fishing on the River Lete, the Volturno, the lakes of the Corree, Vairano or the more distant lakes of Matese. These allow you to practice both sport fishing or simply spending hours in contact with nature and in complete tranquility.



  • Naples International Airport, in 47 minutes


  • From Caserta via A1/E45, 30 minutes
Altitudine132 m


The municipality of Pietramelara intends to recover the uninhabited properties of the historic center through the free sale of properties in the ancient medieval neighborhoods.

The administration has approved the regulation of the project for the sale at a symbolic price 1 Euro to start the recovery and enhancement of the real estate assets of the town.

Purchasers will have to comply with the rules of the municipal administration and in particular will have to submit:

  • payment of expenses related to the regular transfer of ownership of the property (e.g. notary, taxes, any building renovation);
  • perfect the conclusion of the contract of sale with the seller and constitute the surety policy in favor of the Municipality, amounting to € 5,000, within three months from the official communication of assignment of the property;
  • prepare and deposit with the Technical Office of the Municipality the project of renovation, conservative renovation and redevelopment of the acquired property, no later than one year after the conclusion of the contract of sale with the seller;
  • work no later than two years after the date of purchase of the property.

The Municipality will be:

  • main bearer of public interests related to the enhancement of the historic center;
  • guarantor of compliance with the clauses provided for the protection of the interests involved;
  • provide stakeholders with clarification and support as well as collecting and selecting expressions of interest;
  • prepare and approve the allocation of the properties available on the basis of the requests received from buyers;
  • ensure the full legitimacy of real estate investment and speed up authorisation paperwork;
  • provide for special municipal facilities (tax exemptions and contributions for renovations) on the properties covered by the project “Houses for 1 euro in the village of Pietramelara”.

General information and ruling link available here.

Purchase requisition template available here.

Link to the Municipality page here.

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Contacts of the municipality

For further information, please contact:

Municipality of Pietramelara

Piazza Municipio 1
81051 Pietramelara (CE)

Tel: +39823648222

PEC mail: protocollo.pietramelara@pec.it