1 Euro Houses now available in Altavilla Silentina – Salerno – Campania

Altavilla Silentina is a medieval village of about 7,000 inhabitants, located on a hill covered with olive trees with considerable differences in altitude. Starting from 275 meters above sea level, the threshold of the “Porta San Biagio”, which was the entrance of the medieval city, up to 313 meters above sea level of the Norman castle and the current Piazza Umberto I, where the town hall is located.

The village is strategically located having to the east Mount Pizzuto (1403 m above.m sea level), to the west the plain of the River Sele and the Tyrrhenian Sea. It, therefore, enjoys a panoramic view of the Plain of the River Sele, the island of Capri, the Amalfi coast and panoramic views of the city of Eboli. Other important nearby towns are: Eboli located 20 km away, Battipaglia at 24.7 km and Paestum 25.4 km.

The territory of Altavilla Salentina has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by some ancient settlements and finds of the 7th century B.C. can testify. The history of the current village of Altavilla Salentina began in the second half of the 11th century, when around the year 1080 the Normans built the town in a triangular plan, circling it with walls and three entrance doors: Porta di Suso, Porta Carina and Porta San Biagio, erecting the castle in the Baroque style and with tombstone concrete.

During a visit to Altavilla Silentina, we can admire the Convent of San Francesco built in the 15th century by the Franciscan Friars Minor. Also worth visiting is the Foce Sele-Tanagro Nature Reserve which is a protected natural area that includes part of the coast between Salerno and Paestum. Also beautiful are the territories along the banks of the Rivers Sele and Tanagro for a width of 150 meters from the shore and the Park “the forest”, a forest of 33606 square meters that juts out on the edge of the historic centre. This makes it easily accessible, with easily walkable and horseback riding trails. Picnic areas and a beautiful natural theatre for events of various kinds with about 1000 seats are available within the park.

The city of Altavilla Silentina is nationally renowned for the production of Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania. On the municipal territory, there are 200 buffalo farms, family-run.

A 30-minute drive you can reach the sea and the coasts of Salento of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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How to reach Altavilla Silentina


  • Salerno Airport


  • To the north, the major cities are Salerno which is 48 km away, Naples 110 km away, and Rome at 328 km.

The 1 Euro Houses Project in Altavilla Salentina

To participate in the 1 euro houses project of Altavilla Silentina you must:

  • present the expression of interest in the purchase by demonstrating the desire to acquire and restructure the building made available to the Municipality by the private owners,
  • join and support the initiative of the Municipality and to assume all the burdens provided for in the guidelines of the municipal call, declaring that they have the required requirements.

The buyer must undertake and undertake to bear the costs, none excluded, however, related to the regular transfer of ownership of the property (notary, tax, succession, even late, any building sanatoria) that must take place within 2 months of the award; and will have to declare the purpose of the purchase (if you intend to move with the family or for other activity).

It is obliged to prepare and deposit with the competent Office of the Municipality the project for the renovation, restoration, conservative renovation and /or renovation and redevelopment of the purchased property, in accordance with the current rules of the time and according to the chosen destination, no later than 3 (three) months from the conclusion of the contract of sale with the seller, unless duly justified extensions authorized by the Municipality on pain of forfeiture of the benefit.

It is obliged to take out a special surety policy in favour of the Municipality of Altavilla Silentina (AV) of the minimum amount of € 2,000.00 (TWO THOUSAND) valid for 3 years,and renewable upon request of the Municipality at the time of concessions of any extensions, to guarantee the actual realization of the investment project and the related works.

The documents and photos, made available by the Municipality of Altavilla Salentina, can be seen here.

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Contacts of the municipality

Comune di AltavilIa Silentina

Piazza Umberto I 53

84045 Altavilla salentina SA

Tel: +39 828983301