Cantiano – Pesaro Urbino – Marche

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In the Marche region, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, the Municipality of Cantiano has also joined the “1 Euro Houses” initiative.

Cantiano is a small village of medieval origins, inserted in a naturalistic and landscape context of great beauty, on the slopes of Monte Catria.

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The historic center of the village is full of stone-built houses, ancient churches and museums.

The town of Cantiano has been awarded the Orange Flag,the recognition of tourist-environmental quality, given to small municipalities in the Italian hinterland for an offer of excellence and a quality welcome.

UPDATE – 1 Euro Houses Project
Published in the Register of The Pretorio the Calls for the assignment of the THREE privately owned properties made available as part of the initiative “CANTIANO – 1 Euro Houses

For more information on the call, how to participate and deadlines, please consult the following link:…/case-a-un-euro/

On Good Friday of each year the inhabitants of Cantiano stage, along the streets of the village,the Turba a sacred costumed representation of the Passion of Jesus Christ.

The area around Cantiano is particularly equipped with walking, cycling or horseback riding trails.

The territory of the upper Pesarese is also famous for the opportunity to taste the precious and renowned White Truffle that is “excavated” in the area.

Of particular naturalistic interest is the Natural Park of Bosco di Tecchi with centuries-old beech trees.

Cantiano is a 40-minute drive from the sea of Fano or Senigallia, famous tourist towns for the summer holiday and for the countless cultural events.

Cantiano panorama – Marche – Italy

ProvinciaPesaro Urbino
Altitudine360 m

How does the 1 Euro Houses Project work in Cantiano

The objective of the Municipality of Cantiano is to recover and enhance the uninhabited and abandoned properties of the historical center.

The buildings have not been inhabited for many years and are in obvious conditions of degradation.

The recovery and redevelopment of these properties will allow the enhancement of the historic part of the country, will boost socio-economic growth and allow the establishment of new residential communities

Involved parties

Property owners who give the willingness to sell the property at symbolic 1€ for a period of 3 years.

The municipality that is committed to promoting the project in all forms through Media, Internet e Social Network.

Prepares documentation, provides information, clarifications and collaboration also in English and photos of real estate.

Manage assignments and draft the relevant rankings.

The buyers can be:

  • Individual companies, agencies, Companies, Cooperatives employed in the sectors: realization, sale, management of properties for tourist-receptive purposes or for housing purposes.
  • Private Italian citizens, both EU and non-EU, interested in housing, commercial, artisanal, tourist– receptive;
  • Craft or commercial enterprises, in compliance with current legislation, interested in recovery for use in the entrepreneurial activity;
  • Cultural associations, music, sports, etc. and other non-profit organisations concerned such as headquarters for its activity.

You can submit your application for the purchase of one or more properties, declaring their destination.

Buyer’s obligations

  • To complete the conclusion of the contract of sale within two months of the notification of assignment and to bear all the costs related to the transfer of ownership.
  • Deposit with the Offices of the Municipality the project for the execution of the works within 6 months of the conclusion of the contract.
  • Start work within the deadline and complete it within four years of their start.
  • Take out a surety policy in favor of the Municipality, of the amount € 4,000.00 (euro two thousand five hundred) valid for 4 years and six months, to guarantee the actual realization of the project. In case the buyer is defaulting, the Municipality has the right to collect the security.

The buyer must submit the following documents

  • Expression of interest to purchase
  • Brief technical report of the proposal of renovation and end use of the property and the necessary building intervention

Criteria for the property allocation

The Municipality will provide a ranking list on the basis of the requests received where it will evaluate the assignment of the houses to the best proposals for restructuring of the chosen property and for the best offer received above the base auction to the symbolic amount of 1 euro.

The Score Maximum reachable is 30 points and is the sum of:

Maximum Technical Score 15 points – Maximum Economic Score 15 points

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For the economic criterion, the improvement offer will be evaluated on the auction basis of 1€ The maximum score is 15 points. Other competitors will score by applying the following algorithm:

In case of equivalent score, the property is assigned according to the chronological order of acquisition of the expression of interest to the Protocol of the Institution.

It is advisable to read the DOCUMENTATION DOCUMENTATION



Cod. 105B636 (Casa Lucchio):
Bando di alienazione / Announcement of property alienation

Cod. 104B636 (Casa Luceoli):
Bando di alienazione / Announcement of property alienation

Cod. 103B636 (Casa Molini):
Bando di alienazione / Announcement of property alienation

For further information contact the Technical Office of the Municipality of Cantiano

+ 39 0721 789933


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