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Corleone joins the 1 Euro Houses Project. How does the symbolic price houses initiative work in the small Sicilian town and at what stage is the project at?

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Getting to know Corleone

Most of the foreign (and possibly local) audience knows Corleone from the films and books The Godfather. The idea, conceived in the books of the American Mario Puzo, were developed in one of the most famous trilogies of Hollywood cinema.

The fame that Corleone has acquired with these films has perhaps created prejudices and stereotypes that have nothing to do with reality. So here’s what Corleone can truly offer.

The geographical position of Corleone gives many possibilities to explore nature. Between the Gorges of the dragon (natural canyon carved by the river Frattina) and the waterfalls of The Two Fortresses (which pass right through the city center) there is so much to see and explore.

Among numerous churches, monuments and streets, Corleone’s appearance is that of the Spanish Baroque. This marked the culmination of the city’s renewal and expansion. The old historic core, however well kept and paved, has narrow streets with blocks of houses with a typical warehouse, living room entrance on the ground floor and balconies with rounded wrought iron railings; the new expansion has the anodic aspect of the face of many new cities “

As the history of Corleone evolves from ancient times, both the city and the surrounding area are full of important historical monuments. Among the most interesting is certainly the baronial baglio . In the first place, the structure assumes the function of the owner’s residence. Later it also became a business center and a territorial control structure.

How to get to Corleone?


  • From Palermo, 1h 15 min: Once you leave the city and get on the Viale Regionale Siciliano (E90), continue towards Villabate. Take the SS121 and after Bolognetta continue on the SS118. Turn onto Viale Agrigento (SP80) towards Corleone.


  • Palermo airport, 1h 20 min: Head towards A29 Racc, continuing on the E90 and the SP2. Turn onto Via Santa Lucia (SP80) towards Corleone.
  • Catania Airport, 3h: Take the A19 towards Palermo. Continue on the E90 towards Palermo up to Villabate. Take the SS121 and after Bolognetta continue on the SS118. Turn onto Viale Agrigento (SP80) towards Corleone.
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The 1 Euro Houses Project in Corleone

The municipality of Corleone approved in December 2021 the Plan for the Alienation and Enhancement of its real estate assets. What’s it about? In practice, the municipality of Corleone begins with the first phase of the 1 euro housing initiative.

The municipality has thus decided to rearrange the properties at its disposal. They will review the state of conservation of the properties and their legal situation, and in the event that there are no limitations these properties will be offered for sale. Some properties will be part of the social housing and affordable housing program. Other properties may be sold at a nominal price.

We will then follow the development of the project in Corleone, waiting for the municipality to publish possible tenders for the purchase of houses at a symbolic price.

Contacts of the municipality of Corleone

Municipality of Corleone

Piazza Garibaldi 1

90034 Corleone (PA)

Certified e-mail (PEC):


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