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The project supported and proposed by the councilor Edualdo Garufi and the Pro Loco Giovannello da Itala associationhas the recovery of the historic center as its objective To boost local productive activities, the municipality of Itala also joins the “Houses for 1 euro” project, that is, the sale of old uninhabited houses in the historic center at the symbolic price of 1 euro

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Getting to know Itala

Itala is located on the Jonica coast of the Province of Messina in Sicily, more precisely bordered to the north with the municipality of Messina in the north-east with Scaletta Zanclea, to the northwest with Ali and Fiumidinisi, to the east with the Jonio Sea and to the south with Ali Terme.

Itala Panorama
By Clemensfranz – Own Work, CC BY 2.5, Link

At the Baths of Ali, there are two hyperthermal sources, Marino source,which flows at a temperature of 39.5 degrees, and Granata-Cassibile source that flows at a temperature of 46.5 degrees and offers curative treatments, including mud therapy, bathing therapy, and inhaled treatments.

Itala is 22 km from the center of Messina, 34 km from Taormina, and 89.7 km from Catania airport.

Its elevation reaches up to 1253 m.s.l.m of Monte Scuderi, see the Legend on Mount Scuderi ”A Truvatura’,as well as being part of the reserve Naturale_ the Peloritani Chain. The center of Itala with its hamlets is 2.8 km from Itala Marina overlooking the Jonio Sea with a coastline that stretches for about 3 kilometers.

Among the architectural works of greatest interest, we have several churches.

The Norman Arab Church of Saints Peter and Paul with an adjoining Basilian monastery was built in 1093 by Count Roger in the place where local tradition says that a battle has taken place between Arabs and Normans, successful for the latter.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul (11th century)
By Clemensfranz – Own Work, CC BY 2.5, Link

The basilica form of the church is among the first that reappeared in Sicily after the Arab period. Externally the building is characterized by the complexity of the design determined by the interweaving of limestone and brick as well as by the alternation of trilobate and recessed arches, alternately blind and light.

The Church and Convent of Santa Venera, dating back to the 17th century. The Mother of Pilerochurch, whose title comes from the period of Spanish domination of the island, and from the sanctuary of Zaragoza dedicated to Our Lady of Pilar. Inside is a cross from the 14th century. And a wooden crucifix from the 1700s. The Church of Our Lady of theChain,  located near the hamlet of Borgo, dating back to the sixteenth century, which preserves a beautiful 1510 table depicting The Madonna of the Chain between the SS. Peter and Paul.

Among the Italesi illustri ricordiamo Giovannello da Itala che era della scuola di Antonello da Messina ( 1470 – 1523 ) alcune sue opere si trovano al Museo Nazionale di Messina, e ricordiamo anche l’agronomo Pietro Cuppari (1816 – 1870 ), che fu professore di agraria all’Università di Pisa e fondò la moderna agronomia in Italia.

The Sea of Itala

Itala is bathed by the Jonio Sea, the most intact sea of natural properties for bathing therapy. It is a sea perpetually pure and clear, the self-purifying power is due to the action of aerobic microorganisms and the fact that the water is constantly moving due to the current of the strait.


The Monte Scuderi with its stories and legends from the supposed location of the Byzantine village of Mico or Vico and the legend “A Truvatura”. The legend that tells the story of certainly King Saturn and his treasure, of magic and spells all infused with details, old as it is, has come to us with all the attributes that a legend that respects can not fail to possess.

Typical products

Among the typical products of Itala, we can count several excellences from Mamertino wine, a very good red wine. The cultivation of grapes is by far one of the most widespread activities in the Italian countryside. From the fermentation of the same is produced of very good wine. The quality and taste of the wine produced in Itala, along with that generated in other territories in Messinese, is promoted by the decree of 03/09/2004 as Designation of Controlled Origin (D.O.C.) under the name of Mamertino.

Also worth mentioning in Itala, from the base of this delicious wine is produced a liqueur wine with a fruity flavor and unique fragrance, L’Amarena. Its preparation is done using cherry cherries, orange peel, carob, and vine ashes. The combination of these flavors, although it may seem unusual, makes the result really exquisite. The Italian preparation of this liqueur wine includes a recipe that is handed down from generation to generation.

Another typical product of Itala is the IGP Interdonated Lemon that is harvested between September and April. This fruit is also grown in other neighboring municipalities in the Jonica area. The characteristic of this citrus is not to be classified as a simple lemon, as it represents a kind of hybrid between cedar and lemon, rising only in particular soils present in the Messina area.


Itala is located between the sea and the mountain. Lately a destination for many Lithuanian tourists who choose Itala bewitched by this landscape and monuments and a mild climate in all seasons with clean beaches nestled between the two Chiefs, Capo Scaletta and Capo Ali, beautiful cove. With a clear and clean sea.

Altitudine210 m

How the 1 Euro Houses project works in Itala

The aim of the Municipality of Itala is to redevelop the uninhabited and abandoned buildings of the town and hamlets, develop new productive settlements and promote the socio-economic growth of the country.

Involved parties

The owners of the properties who express a willingness to sell the property at a symbolic price and provide the municipality with all the necessary documentation.

Pro Loco Giovannello da Itala, is committed to promoting the project in all forms through Media, the Internet, and Social Networks. A list of properties will be available on the municipality’s website on the “Showcase of Houses at One Euro” page

Buyers who can be deprived Italian citizens, EU and non-EU and business. The purchase application with a descriptive plan of the interventions attached should be sent to the Association Pro Loco Giovannello da Itala at

The buyer is obliged to start work within two months of the authorization and conclude them within three years.



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