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Another municipality in the province of Caltanissetta joins the 1 euro Houses project. It is the municipality of San Cataldo that offers houses at the symbolic price of 1 euro for those who want to relocate. Here is all the information currently available on 1 euro houses in San Cataldo.

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Getting to know San Cataldo

San Cataldo rises in an internal hilly area, located 625 meters above sea level, which extends north of the town. It is located between the municipalities of Serradifalco , Mussomeli and Caltanissetta, two of which are already members of the 1 Euro Houses project. It is crossed by a single river, the “Salito”, formed by springs that flow from the slopes of Mount Schiavo near the town of Santa Caterina Villarmosa. The inhabited area extends into the plateau between Portella del Tauro and Babbaurra, rich in partially drinkable water wells.

The current inhabited center has relatively recent origins. It was a barony, later a common one, founded by Prince Nicolò Galletti in 1607, requesting its license from the King of Sicily Philip III on 18 July.

The license allowed the ancient Calironi farmhouse to be built and populated (Caliruni in Sicilian and Kalyroon in Greek), located within the barony of Fiumesalato. The reasons that pushed the prince to the request were of a political nature, as titles and privileges were obtained and the right to sit in the military “arm” of the Sicilian Parliament was acquired. The economic aspect certainly also played a not marginal role.

The village of San Cataldo was populated thanks to immigration from neighboring villages, such as Sutera, Mussomeli, Petralia, and also from more distant ones, such as Gangi , Castrogiovanni and Caltanissetta.

In 1623 the town had 722 inhabitants. Over time, the population grew to 23,486 in 1921. Today, San Cataldo retains more or less the same number of inhabitants, stagnating in urban growth and development.

Over the years San Cataldo has undergone several changes from the urban point of view. Today it appears as a new city, in which recent constructions prevail with very few historical constructions. Now the only cultural testimonies of the past are some buildings of worship, such as the mother church, the palace of the Galletti princes and other buildings in the historic center.

How to reach San Cataldo


  • Agrigento: 50 km, 40 minutes of travel.
  • Palermo: 150 km, 2h 30 minutes of travel.
  • Catania: 115 km, 1h 30 minutes of travel.


  • Palermo airport
  • Catania Airport
Altitudine625 m

The 1 Euro Houses project in San Cataldo

The 1 euro houses project in the municipality of San Cataldo was first announced in April 2022. At the moment there is still no precise information, as the call has not yet been published.

The proposal provides for the facilitated sale of properties, falling within the municipal area, for which the owners have expressed their will, through a formal request, to transfer their property free of charge (or at a symbolic price) to third parties. The purpose of the Regulation is to enhance the real estate located in the historic center of the municipality of San Cataldo , simplifying and rationalizing the mediation process between the parties involved in the sale of the property, thus favoring the recovery of the properties.

The proposal also provides for the regulation of abandoned buildings that constitute a danger to public safety and obliges the owners to intervene to eliminate these dangers or to sell the properties at the symbolic price of 1 euro .

The Case 1 euro initiative has various socio-economic as well as cultural repercussions . The renovation of these buildings would contribute significantly:

  • the redevelopment of the urban fabric,
  • to the regeneration of our historic center
  • to the recovery of the local economy.

In common they hope to generate significant repercussions on construction and attracting investments, tourists and new residents. Here is the announcement of the municipality .

We will publish more information about the sale when it becomes available.

Contacts of the municipality of San Cataldo

Municipality of San Cataldo

Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, 2

93017 San Cataldo CL

Tel: +39934511111

Certified e-mail (PEC):

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