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Cammarata is an ancient village in the center of Sicily, in the heart of the regional park of the Sicani Mountains and adheres to the project 1 Euro Houses (Case a 1 Euro).
The historic center of the village, developed around the castle, has retained the urban features of the medieval village.
In recent years, the village has lost a big part of the population and many houses are left vacant.

By joining the 1 euro Housing Project, the municipality of Cammarata intends to redevelop abandoned properties in the historic center.
The contribution of the owners is fundamental. They give their properties free of charge for tourist-receptive purposes.

In Cammarata, walking the ancient streets, amongst those houses, you will find yourself smelling fresh broom or jasmine, orthe smell of delicious food coming out of the open windows, in great weather, and you feel immersed in time, as if the light-soaked wind of the mountain whispered the history of the country.

Comune di Cammarata
Via Roma,
92022 Cammarata AG
Tel +39 0922-907211
Fax +39 0922-903996
Ufficio Relazioni col Pubblico
+39 0922-907233

Altitudine682 metri

How the 1 Euro Housing project works in Cammarata

The goal of the Municipality of Cammaratais to recover and enhance the uninhabited and abandoned properties of the historicalcenter.

The recovery and retrainingof the properties will allow the redevelopment of the historical part of the village,the establishment of new residential communities and will boost the socio-economicgrowth of the village.

Involved parties

Owners of the properties who are willing to give the property for free. The proposals received will be included in a special register and will be valid for a period of 2 years.

The municipality itself, that is committed to promoting the project in every form, both through institutional and through the Media, the Internet and Social Networks.

It prepares the documentation, provides information, clarifications.

It manages assignments and waiting lists.

Buyers. They can be:

  • Individual companies, agencies,Companies in the sectors: building, sale, management of real estate fortourist-receptive purposes or for housing purposes.
  • Private Italian citizens,both EU and non-EU, interested in housing, commercial,artisanal, tourist– receptive;
  • Imprese artigiane o commercialiinteressate agli immobili per farne sede della propria attività.
  • Cultural associations,music, sports and other, non-profit, interested in making it the registered officefor their activities.

Buyer’s obligations

Thefuture buyers are obliged to:

  • finalise the purchasewithin two months of the assignment and to handle the expensesfor the transfer of ownership,
  • metterein sicurezza il fabbricato immediatamente dopo l’acquisizione. Se non siprovvede a farlo il Comune eseguirà i lavori addebitando le spese al nuovoproprietario;
  • preparareil progetto di ristrutturazione entro un anno dalla data di acquisto;
  • diiniziare i lavori entro due mesi dal rilascio delle autorizzazioni necessarie eultimare i lavori entro tre anni;
  • drawbank guaranty in favour of the Municipality of Cammarata in the amount of 5,000.00 eurosvalid for three years to guarantee for the realization of the works. In caseof non-fulfilment, the Municipality might hold ontothe sum.

The buyer must submit the following documents

  • Purchase applicationproperty, with all of the required documentation;
  • Breve relazionetecnico-esplicativa della proposta di recupero la destinazione d’usodell’immobile e l’intervento edilizio necessario;
  • commitment to take out the trust policyguarantee the execution of the work as stated.

Criteria forthe property allocation

Incase of multiple requests for the same property, the allocation will followthese criteria:

  • Failure to own other properties in the Municipality: points 5
  • Young couple living together for at least 12 months with children: 30 points
  • Giovane coppia o coppia di fatto convivente da almeno 12 mesi senza figli: punti 29
  • Young people up to 30 years old: points 25
  • Mother girl, boy father, divorced, widowers of both sexes: 35 points
  • Unione con una proprietà confinante: punti 20
  • Union of relevance, garage or cellar within 100 meters: points 5
  • Creazione di nuove attività produttive o commerciali: punti 27
  • Young people up to 39 years old who open a productive or commercial activity: points 28

TheUrban Planning Manager will review the requests and compilethe waiting list according tothe above criteria.

It is advisable to view the OFFICIALDOCUMENTATION


Regulation, Documentation, List of Properties

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