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Bivona – 1 Euro Houses

The municipality of Bivona in the provinceof Agrigento joins the project 1 Euro Houses.

With this initiative, the City Administration aims to repopulate the old town and recover the abandoned properties left to the neglect of time.

The origin of Bivona dates back to 1160, at the time of the Arab-Norman domination. Between the 15th and 16th centuries it was one of the major feudal centers of Sicily.

The village is located in a green valley and is home to the Sican Mountains Nature Park. It’s an hour’s drive from the beautiful city of Agrigento and the wonderful beaches of the city of Sciacca.

The atmosphere in the streets and squares of the ancient medieval village is imbued with legends, ancient Sicilian traditions, the quiet and serenity that only a direct contact with nature can inspire.

Bivona is considered the city of music for the countless concerts involving numerous musicians.

Bivona‘s agri-food and gastronomic tradition is of manifest Arab descent.

Comune di Bivona
Piazza Damaso Pio De Bono,
92010 Bivona AG
Tel +39 0922 983853
Altitudine503 metri

How the 1 Euro Houses project works in Bivona

The goal of the municipality of Bivona is to recover and enhance the uninhabited and abandoned properties of the old town that have been in a state of decay for many years.

The recovery and redevelopment of these properties will allow the enhancement of the historical part of the country, the establishment of new residential communities and will give new life to the socio-economic growth of the village.

Involved parties

Property owners who give the willingness to sell the property at symbolicprice of 1€.

The Municipality

  • prepares documentation, provides information, clarification and collaboration and photos of the properties.
  • Manages the waiting list for the allocation of houses
  • Promuove il progetto in ogni forma anche tramite Internet.

Prospective buyers can be:

  • Individual companies, Agencies, Companies, Cooperatives occupied in the sectors: realization, sale, management of real estate for tourist-receptive purposes or for housing purposes.
  • Private Italian citizens, EU and non-EUcitizens, interested in the use of housing, commercial, artisanal, tourist – receptive;
  • Imprese artigiane o commerciali interessate agli immobili per farne sede della propria attività.
  • Cultural, musical, sporting and other associations, not for profit, interested in making it their headquarters or for the conduct of their activity.

The buyer can apply to buy one or more propertiespresent in the section “Bivona – 1 Euro Houses” on the municipality’s official website, indicatingnumber of the property sheet.

The buyers will also have to declare theprospective use of the property

  • Housing for young couples or disadvantaged families;
  • Homes for individuals or families;
  • Homes to be used for second homes or holiday homes;
  • Tourist-receptive facilities such as B&B, Widespread Hotel, etc.;
  • Rooms for shops or craft workshops;
  • Social headquarters for cultural, musical, sporting, and other non-profit organizations.
Di Salvatore Giallombardo from Bivona, Italy – Pano Bivona, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Buyer’s obligations

  • Finalise the purchasewithin two months of the assignment and to handle the expensesrelated to the transfer of ownership.
  • Within three months of the acquisitionmust file with the City Offices the project for the execution of theworks.
  • Start and finish the workswithin three years.
  • Stipulare una polizzafideiussoria a favore del Comune di Bivona, dell’importo

of € 2,500.00valid for three years to guarrantee therealisation of the project. In the event that the buyer is non-compliant, the municipality hasright to the guarantee.

Documents that the buyer must submit

  • Domanda di acquisto dichiarando la propria disponibilità all’acquisto dell’immobile al prezzo di 1 euro a, oppure tramite posta ordinaria a Comune di Bivona, Piazza Damaso Pio De Bono, 92010 Bivona AG.
  • Breve relazione tecnico-esplicativa della proposta di recupero la destinazione d’uso dell’immobile e l’intervento edilizio necessario

Criteria for the assignment of theproperties

In the event that for the sameproperty more than one request is received, the Municipality will be drawn up a rankingaccording to the following criteria:

  • Impegno alla conclusione deilavori entro un termine inferiore a quello previsto dal Regolamento:
    • Three years from the permit 1 point
    • Two years from the permit 2 point
    • 1 years from the permit 4 point
    • Six months from the permit 6 point
  • Prelazione per proprietà diimmobili adiacenti per fusione dell’immobile:
    • Yes 3 points
    • No 1 point.
  • Acquisizione della residenzapresso il Comune di Bivona:
    • Yes 5 points
    • No 0 points
  • Interventi che prevedono realizzazionedi opere con fonti di energia rinnovabile utilizzando materiali ammessi nelcentro storico:
    • Yes 5 points
    • No 0 points
  • Interventi con l’utilizzo dimateriali eco-compatibili:
    • Si        5 punti          
    • No 0 points

The Public Notice on the initiative“Bivona – 1 Euro Houses” is open and can be used up toexhaustion of the sales proposals. The duration, which is just beingpublished, is set to 3 three years.

Before submitting the application it is advisable to review the OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION

Click here to download the official documentation

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