Lighthouse Formiche of Grosseto – GR – Toscana

Of the 11 lighthouses offered in concession by the state, the one in the Formiche Islands is one of the most fascinating. Yet, the price for a 50 years public concession of this wonderful lighthouse on the islands is only 1 Euro, thanks to an agreement between the municipality of Grosseto, the summits of the agency of the State and the Minister of Defense. A dream opportunity a...
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Italian lighthouses restoration project

Faro di Capel Rosso
Lighthouses, towers, coastal buildings 2018 offers have been received for 6 properties participating in the fourth edition of the Valore Paese Fari, Torri and Edifici Costieri project: initiative of the State Agency for the recovery and reuse of coastal structures of historical and landscape value owned by the State...
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