Corner houses in Sardinia: How do they work

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The corner houses in Sardinia account for 30 buildings that will soon be assigned. What is it about?

Their history dates back to 1830. The Royal Decree of the King of Sardinia, Carlo Felice, establishes the figure of the “cantoniere”, entrusting them with the task of maintaining and controlling a “corner house” of the road. This is how the corner house was born.

It is planned to sell these corner houses and revive them with quality accommodation activities and complementary functions such as:

  • entertainment locations
  • bars or dining options,
  • information and educational centres,
  • charging stations for electric vehicles.

In addition to these corner houses, the municipalities offer opportunities to those who want to move to Sardinia and repopulate their villages. The 1 euro houses project is currently available in several municipalities. The full list is available here.

For more information on the corner houses in Sardinia, see the source.

Source: Gallura Magazine & News