Former Convent of the Carmelites

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Troina Ex Convent of the Carmelites

Troin, 1 June 2020

Obtained a funding of 1 million euros for the restoration of the former Convent of the Carmelites. The project includes adaptation of the interior rooms of the 16th century complex, the arrangement of the roof of the building, the refurbishment of the prospectuses, the construction of the installations and the redevelopment of the inner courtyard and cloister. An additional 100 thousand euros are also planned for the museum and for the purchase of furniture and equipment. In the rooms once inhabited by the fries will rise one of the most important contemporary art museums in Sicily. On the ground floor of the convent, however, the Municipal Library and the Historical Archive will be placed. Thanks to the tireless work of the Museum’s Scientific Director, Professor. Paolo Giansiracusa, many artists of national and international fame have already donated about 200 works of art to the Museum. The umpteenth sign of the city’s urban, architectural and cultural renaissance. While one of the most significant links of the urban system is recovered, on the other hand it restores function and destiny to an architectural complex already marked by the injustice of time and obsolescence.