Canicattì – Agrigento – Sicilia

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The project “Residential property for sale for just 1 – La Casa a 1 euro” in Agrigento, Canicattì

The municipality of Canicattì also to start the restoration the historic center that, for its beauty, deserves to be revived. It adopts a regulation for the recovery of abandoned houses.

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Owners who are not interested or unable to renovate buildings that are in a state of disrepaity will be able to join the initiative “Residential property for sale for just €1 – Casa ad un euro” by making their properties available to the municipality. This way they can be sold at a symbolic price.

The municipality will have the availability of the property for three years or the time necessary to advertise the project “Houses for 1 euro”. They will provide advice and collaboration, collect expressions of interest for the purchase and prepare the documents for the assignment of the properties.

Obligation for buyers to take action to renovate and recover properties.

The Municipality of Canicattì will assign the buildings to those who apply according to the chronological order of arrival of the purchase applications.

” We have found several expressions of interest from foreign citizens willing to invest in the purchase and recovery of these buildings conquered by the ancient charm of our historic center. – comments The Councillor for Territorial Development Rosa Maria Corbo – Now we are waiting for concrete answers from the owners of degraded properties who decide to give up their homes at the symbolic price of 1 Euro”

Getting to know Canicattì

The territory of Canicattì is located on the border between the provinces of Agrigento and that of Caltanissetta,in a natural conca surrounded by low hills, very fertile of fruit crops, once the mandorlo,today the renowned Uva Italia,must grapes, fishing and apricot.

The area is particularly verdant with respect to the surrounding area and the urban center of the town is full of commercial activities and entertainment.

To enjoy the sea Canicattì is 40 minutes from the sea of Licata and 30 minutes from the magnificent city of Agrigento.

Altitudine465 m

How does the projectResidential property for sale project works for just €1 – La Casa ad un euro work in Canicattì

The objective of the Municipality of Canicattì is to recover and enhance the uninhabited and abandoned buildings of the historic center that for many years and have been in a state of degradation and return them to their function.

The recovery and redevelopment of these properties will allow the enhancement of the historic part of the country, the establishment of new residential communities and will give impetus to the socio-economic growth of the village.

Parties involved:

  • The owners of the properties that make their assets available to the municipality so that they are sold at a symbolic price.

The municipality:

  • prepares documentation, provides information, clarification and collaboration and photos of the properties.
  • Manages the waiting list for the allocation of houses
  • It promotes the project in every form also through the Internet.
  • It enters into agreements if useful for the retraining process, with local professional orders and colleges, trade associations, or university institutions.

Buyers are those who show a willingness to buy the property and I can be:

  • Private Italian citizens and non-Italian citizens,
  • Individual companies, Agencies, Companies, Cooperatives occupied in the sectors: realization, sale, management of real estate for tourist-receptive purposes or for housing purposes.
  • Manufactor or commercial companies interested in real estate to make up their business.
  • Cultural, musical, sporting and other associations, not for profit, interested in making it their headquarters or for the conduct of their activity.

The buyer can submit the application to buy one or more properties in the section “Residential prosperty for sale just €1 – La Case a 1 euro” on the official website of the municipality, indicating the number of the property sheet.

It will also have to declare for what use it will be intended:

  • Housing for young couples or disadvantaged families;
  • Homes for individuals or families;
  • Homes to be used for second homes or holiday homes;
  • Tourist-receptive facilities such as B&B, Widespread Hotel, etc.;
  • Rooms for shops or craft workshops;
  • other….

Buyer’s obligations

  • Complete the deed of sale within two months of the assignment and to bear all expenses related to the transfer of ownership.
  • Within three months of purchase, you must deposit the project for the execution of the works with the Offices of the Municipality.
  • Start work within 60 days and final it within three years of their start.
  • Take out a surety policy in favour of the Municipality of Canicattì, amounting to € 5,000.00 (five thousand euros) valid for three years to guarantee the actual realization of the project. In case the buyer is defaulting, the Municipality has the right to collect the security.

Documents that the buyer must submit

  • Purchase application declaring its availability to purchase the property at the price of 1 euro to the heritage office of the Municipality of Canicattì responsible for Dr., Pietro Saia p.saia@comune.canicattì .
  • Brief technical-explanatory report of the recovery proposal the use of the property and the necessary building work

Criteria for the allocation of buildings

In the event that more than one application has been received for the same property, a ranking will be drawn up according to the criteria indicated:

  • Commitment to the completion of the work within a shorter time limit than the Regulation stipulates:
    • Three years from the permit 1 point
  • Preemption for adjacent property properties for property merger:
    • Yes 3 points
  • Acquisition of residence in the Municipality of Canicattì:
    • Yes 4 points
  • Use of local workers:
    • Yes 6 points
  • Commitment to the use of restoration techniques based on the recovery manuals of the historic centers of Sicily:
    • Yes 4 points

The Public Notice relating to the municipal initiative Residential prosperty for sale just €1 – La Casa ad 1 eurois open and can be used until the sales proposals that will be received are exhausted. The duration, at the time of first publication, is determined in 3 years.

It is advisable to read the OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION

Click HERE to download the Call of the Municipality of Canicattì

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