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The municipality of Montresta also joins the Project “1 Euro Houses”

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Territory in Sardinia and Montresta

Montresta is a small village of just above 400 inhabitants in Planargia, bordering Logudoro Turritano. Its town, near Bosa, is 40 km from Alghero, 80 from the capital of Oristano and less than half an hour drive from the beaches of Bosa Marina . The territory of Montresta stretches from the Navrino mountain in a spectacular landscape characterized by trachitic peaks and covered by Mediterranean scrub and woods of cork trees, including the Silva Manna.

What to see in Montresta

The territory has been populated since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the many prenuragic sites (domus de Janas) and nuraghi as the Badu de sa wrinkles. Of historical times it is the most important archaeological monument, the tower called Sa Turre or nuraghe Turre, the only Punic settlement of Planargia. It is the rest of a square Carthaginian fortress, at the base of which are visible traces the masonry that completed the defensive structure. Another church to visit is the Sacred Heart,built in the 1960s on the ruins of a medieval building. The celebration of the Sacred Heart is in mid-August in the locality on Casteddu, onthe edge of the forest of s’Aspru.

To taste in Montresta

Among the typical dishes of the kitchen of Montresta we mention sos Pipiriolos, a pasta typical of Montresta, drawn in bronze with a rudimentary machine that produces four Pipiriolos at a time. It is the pasta of the feasts, of the important occasions. Very porous, it absorbs the lamb or wild boar sauce and is sprinkled with pecorino or goat cheese. The typical bread, su bistoccu. The notorious toasted bread. The Bistoccu of Montresta is a toasted bread that goes well with all kinds of food, excellent during the summer, it’s a bread that stays fresh for a very long time without the need for preservatives. Papassini, amaretti, giolminos, petitfour, fritters… A feast of almond sweets, flours, sugar, sultanas grapes, naturale flavours which are the sweet soul of this town full of candor and deliciousness.

Altitudine410 m

The 1 Euro Houses project in Montresta

The initiative “1 Euro Houses” was born from the need to recover and enhance properties located in the historic center abandoned and in conditions of degradation, and return them to their function, in order to recover and stem the phenomenon of depopulation that has led to a significant decrease in population.

The project plans for the redevelopment of the urban-building fabric and its revitalization by fostering the housing of families, businesses accommodation and shops or artisan shops.

In the center there are in fact privately owned houses, some of which are in fact conditions of absolute degradation, which have shown a willingness to get rid of it.

Municipality performs the the role of the main bearer of the public interests described above and has not, and will not have the right, to intervene in the negotiations and generally in the relations private sector that will be established between seller and buyer, stop remaining to comply with the clauses provided by these guidelines protection of the interests involved.

For the procedures for the allocation of properties, appropriate forms of transparency and publicity will be observed, also in relation to the objective of evaluating competing proposals for the purchase of properties according to the specific provisions of this call.

Involved parties

Owners of the properties that give the willingness to divest the property at a symbolic price of 1 st.

The municipality that prepares the documentation, provides information, clarification and collaboration and photos of the properties.

Manages the list for the allocation of houses.

It promotes project in every form also via the Internet.


  • Individual companies, agencies, companies, cooperatives employed in the sectors: realization, sale, management of properties for tourist purposes – accommodation or for the purpose Housing.
  • Private citizens Italians, EU and non-EU, interested in housing use, commercial, artisanal, tourist – receptive;
  • Craftsor or commercial companies interested in real estate to make it home to their Activities.
  • Cultural, musical, sporting and other associations, not-for-profit, interested in making it the corporate headquarters or for carrying out their activities.

The buyer may submit an application to purchase one or more properties in the “Montresta – 1 Euro Housessection on the official website indicating the number of the property’s card.

It will also have to declare what use it will be used for:

  • Housing for young couples or disadvantaged families;
  • Homes for individuals or families;
  • Homes to be used for second homes or holiday homes;
  • Tourist-type structures – receptive as B&B, Albergo diffuso, etc.;
  • Rooms for shops or craft workshops;
  • Social headquarters for cultural, musical, sporting, and other non-profit organizations.

Buyer’s obligations

  • Complete the act of sale within two months all costs related to the transfer of ownership.
  • Within three months of purchase, you must deposit the offices of the municipality the project for the execution of the works.
  • Start work and complete them within three years their beginnings.
  • Take out a security policy in favour of the municipality Montresta, of the amount

5,000.00 (five thousand) valid for three years guarantee ingedian the project. If the buyer is the municipality has the right to cash the bail.

Documents buyer must submit

  • Purchase application by declaring your willingness to purchase the property at the price of 1 euro by email
  • Brief technical-explanatory report of the recovery proposal the use of the property and the necessary building work

Criteria for the allocation of buildings

In the event that More than one request will be made for the same property. ranking according to the criteria shown:

Commitment to the completion of the work within a shorter time limit than the Regulation stipulates:

  • Three years from the permit 1 point
  • Two years from the permit 2 point
  • 1 years from the permit 4 point
  • Six months from the permit 6 points

Preemption for adjacent property properties for property merger:

  • Yes 3 points
  • No 1 point

Acquisition of the residence at the Municipality of Montresta:

  • Yes 4 points
  • No 0 points

Use of local workers – deposit of the contract for construction work at the municipality:

  • Yes 6 Points
  • No 3 Points

Commitment to the use of restoration techniques based on the manuals of the recovery of the historic centers of Sardinia:

  • Yes 4 Points
  • No 0 Points

The Public Notice “Montresta – 1 Euro Housesis open and is until the sales proposals that will come are exhausted.

The duration, in first publication, is determined in three years.

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