Patrica – Frosinone – Lazio

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Patrica, a small village a few Kilometers From Frosinone, joins the project Case a 1 euro (1 Euro Houses). The Mayor, Lucio Fiordaliso, announced the Project Case a 1 Euro (1 Euro Houses) in order to revive the historical center of the small town and avoid depopulation.

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Currently, the municipality has surveyed and decided to recover and enhance 38 abandoned properties.

Altitudine450 m

Municipality of Patrica – Via del Plebiscito n. 1, 03010 Patrica (FR)

Lucio Fiordaliso

Tel. 0775 80 78 21 Comune
Tel. 0775/807826 Ufficio del Sindaco
Email secretary:

Download the documentation to find out how to participate in the project 1 Euro Houses (Case a 1 Euro)

PATRICA-Expression of Interest-form B
PATRICA-Attachment to the expression of interest form
PATRICA – avviso pubblico CASE A UN EURO

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