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Another Sicilian municipality joins the Houses for 1 euro project. This time it is Petralia Soprana that extends its hand to those who want to move to the village. For the symbolic price of 1 euro, the buyer is dedicated to renovating the abandoned house. Here is all the information about it.

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Getting to know Petralia Soprana

Petralia Soprana is a small town in the province of Palermo. It is part of the Madonie Park, surrounded by typical Mediterranean terrain and traversed by the Salso River.

The town was fortified in 1062 and took on the appearance it still retains today. The castle, towers and ramparts are still recognizable. Like many small Sicilian villages, we find narrow streets and small houses typical of the island. The beauty of the city is its richness are hidden in the various religious structures, such as the Church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, the Church of St. Mary of Loreto, and the Church of the Holy Savior. Also worth mentioning among the city’s latest restored structures is Villa Sgadari, which is located outside the city center and also includes its own park.

The town’s main festival is that of the patron saints St. Peter and St. Paul, which takes place over the five days leading up to June 29. The tradition includes a procession that takes place in the evening with the simulacra of the saints in a reduced size and accompanied by the sound of drums masterfully played by the group “tamburinari e stinnardiri supranisi.” On the feast day, the procession takes place differently, as it is carried out with the participation of the two religious brotherhoods of the village.

The town is included in the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy and was proclaimed“Borgo dei borghi 2018.”

The facade of the Church of St. Mary of Loreto

How to get to Petralia Soprana


  • From Catania, 140km, 1h 50min: Take Via Plebiscito and Asse Attrezzato di Catania/Via Giuseppe di Gregorio/Viale Cristoforo Fioravante in the direction of A19. Follow A19 in the direction of SP138 to Petralia Sottana. Take the Irosa exit from A19. Continued on SP138. Take SS290 and SS120 in the direction of SP29 in Petralia Soprana.
  • From Palermo, 110km, 1h 40min: Take E90 from Via Roma, Via Francesco Paolo Perez, Via Oreto, Via dell’Orsa Minore and Viale Regione Siciliana. Follow E90 and A19/E932 towards SP138 in Petralia Sottana. Take the exit toward Irosa from A19/E932. Continued on SP138. Take SS290 and SS120 in the direction of SP29 in Petralia Soprana.
  • From Agrigento, 100km 1h 30min: Follow SS640 and A19/E932 towards SP138 in Petralia Sottana. Take the Irosa exit from A19/E932. Continue on SP138 in the direction of SS290. Continue on SS290. Drive in the direction of SP29. Turn left and take SP29


  • Palermo Airport: 140km, 1h 45min
  • Catania Airport: 140km, 1h 45min
Altitudine1147 m

The 1 euro houses project in Petralia Soprana

The 1 euro houses initiative in Petralia Soprana is currently in the early stages of the project. The municipality is primarily interested in collecting citizens’ interest in selling the houses at a symbolic price.

In case a citizen is in possession of a dilapidated, abandoned and worthless house, he or she can subscribe to the project by expressing interest through the official declaration of the municipality.

The expressed willingness will be valid for 3 years from the date of submission. All statements received during the one-year period from the official notice of August 25, 2022 will be considered.

More information about Petralia Soprana’s €1 Houses project is available on the municipality’s website.

Petralia Soprana municipality contacts

Municipality of Petralia Soprana

Piazza del Popolo, 1

90026 Petralia Soprana (PA)


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