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It is called Patto per il Centro Storico or “Agreement for the City Centre”, the 1 euro houses project of the municipality of Maenza. It wants to combat the abandonment of the ancient medieval village of the city centre. With a press conference with the Mayor of Maenza Claudio Speruti via Facebook,the municipal administration has presented its project with the hope that many owners who want to get rid of old ruins without interest, will participate in the initiative that will give prestige and interest to their town.

Maenza is a small town in Lazio in a hilly area 358 meters above sea level and only 110 km from Rome, is a village of medieval origins almost intact with narrow streets and alleys that tighten around the fortress, aerial passages case-towers and Loggia Mercanti.



Among the monuments, the Baronial Castle stands out with its four towers located at the top of the village. The castle is an extraordinary recently renovated artistic jewel. In it’s time, it has housed the revered St. Thomas Acquinas (Santo Tommaso D’aquino).

Behind the village, there are wide expanses of chestnut groves and beech groves, which offer a full immersion in nature for trekking and nature walks.

The small distance from the Tyrrhenian Sea (about 15 km from the coastline) causes the hilly climate to mitigate the climate in the warmer seasons.

There are several events that the municipality offers to its inhabitants, but the one to remember is the cherry festival with concerts, exhibitions and much more.

How to reach Maenza


  • Rome Fiumicino’s Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is 1 hour and 34 minutes away and is the main airport to get to Maenza.


  • from Rome: Take the motorway to Naples, exit Frosinone and continue towards Latina S.S. 156 of the Lepini Mountains. Choose the intersection for Carpineto Romano and continue to Maenza.
  • from Naples: Take the motorway to Rome and exit Frosinone on S.S. 156 in the direction of Latina, until you arrive in Maenza.
Altitudine358 m

The 1 Euro Houses project in Maenza

The owners of the properties who express a willingness to sell the property at a symbolic price and provide the municipality with all the necessary documentation.

The municipality that is committed to promoting the project in all forms through Media, the Internet, and Social Network. A list of the properties will be available on the municipality’s website on the “Ventrina delle Case” page.

Buyers who can be deprived Italian citizens, EU and non-EU and business. The purchase application with attached a descriptive project of the interventions must be transmitted to the municipality indicating the number of the property to which you want to contribute by declaring to adhere to the guidelines of the “Pact for the Historic Center” and obliges to take out a special surety policy in favour of the Municipality of Maenza (LT) of the minimum amount of € 5,000.00 (FIVE THOUSAND) valid for 3 years.

The buyer is obliged to start work within three months since the grant is given and finish them within three years.


Link to the 1 Euro Houses Project of the Municipality of Maenza here.

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Contacts of the municipality

Municipality of Maenza
Piazza Leone XIII
Maenza 04010 (LT)
Tel: +39 0773 951310
PEC email: