Maida joins the 1 Euro Houses Projects

In Maida the depopulation and abandonment of the historic centre are being fought with the approval of the 1 euro houses project. The initiative was started by the municipality via a municipal announcement.

From Monte Contessa,in the province of Catanzaro, you can enjoy a unique landscape. The wide view opens onto a thin strip of the Mediterranean, which connects the Ionian coast to the Tyrrhenian coast, 30 km in all.

In this strategic area, in the narrowest isthmus of the entire Italian peninsula, between the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia and the Gulf of Squillace, there is the small ancient village of Maida.A small centre that has just over 4,300 inhabitants, yet an important cultural centre. Maida is a coveted destination for the different populations that have succeeded each other over the centuries and left numerous testimonies of their presence.

It seems that Maida was inhabited many centuries BC, but it is not easy to establish dates with certainty. What is certain is that in the territory of Maida the oldest traces of human presence in Calabria related to the Paleolithic have been found.

Undoubtedly of considerable artistic and cultural value are the well-preserved ruins of the church of Jesus and Mary with the adjoining Convent of San Francesco di Paola,from 1469, founded by Father Maiorana, one of the first followers of the Saint of Paola. Walking through the narrow streets of the village you can not help but breathe the clean air, which enriches the mind with oxygen, allowing you to live moments of true amazement. Immersed in an almost surreal atmosphere, carried by a cool breeze to distant episodes that have made Maida a centre of an important experience perceptible walking through its streets.

The sea of Maida Marina on the Tyrrhenian coast is a 26-minute drive away.

Altitudine299 m

How to reach Maida


  • Lamezia Terme Airport


  • From the airport: 20 minutes via SP87 and SS19 towards Contrada Feudo Castile to Maida

How the 1 Euro Houses Project works in Maida

With the resolution of 8 June 2020 no. 109 the Municipality of Maida participates in the 1 Euro Houses Project.

The Municipality will act as an intermediary between those who want to give away dilapidated houses and those who at the symbolic price of 1 euro want to rebuild it to live in Maida.

All expenses for this operation will be borne by the buyer (notarial expenses, stamps, taxes, etc.). A surety policy must be taken out for an amount of EUR 4,000.00 within 2 months of the approval of the assignment of the property.

The project must be submitted within 6 months and the work must start within 12 months and can be completed within 3 years.

Link to the municipal website here.

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Contacts of the municipality

Comune di Maida
Via Ottorino De Fiore
88025 Maida CZ

Tel: +39 968751864