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Montresta is a small village of just above 400 inhabitants in Planargia, bordering Logudoro Turritano. Its town, near Bosa, is 40 km from Alghero, 80 from the capital of Oristano and less than half an hour drive from the beaches of Bosa Marina . The territory of Montresta stretches from the Navrino mountain in a spectacular landscape characterized by trachitic peaks and covered by Mediterranean scrub and woods of cork trees, including the Silva MAnna.


The territory was populated since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the many Nuragic sites(domus de Janas) and Nuraghi as the Badu de sa rughe.Of historical relevance is the most important archaeological monument, the tower known assa Turre(or Nuraghe Turre), the only Punic settlement inPlanargia. It is the remainder of a Carthaginian fortress of quadrangular form,showing traces of the masonry which completedthe defensive structure. Another church to visit is the Sacred Heart, builtIn the sixties of the twentieth century on the ruins of a medieval building. TheCelebration of the Sacred Heart is in mid-August in the locality on Casteddu,on the edge of the woods of S’aspru.

Local Food

Among the typical dishes of the kitchen of Montresta we mention sos Pipiriolos, a pasta typical of Montresta, drawn in bronze with a rudimentary machine that produces four Pipiriolos at a time. It is the pasta of the feasts, of the important occasions. Very porous, it absorbs the lamb or wild boar sauce and is sprinkled with pecorino or goat cheese. The typical bread, subistoccu. The notorious toasted bread. The Bistoccu ofMontresta is a toasted bread that goes well with all kinds of food,excellent during the summer, it’s a bread that stays fresh for a very long time without the need forpreservatives. Papassini, amaretti, giolminos, petitfour,fritters… A feast of almond sweets, flours, sugar, sultanas grapes,naturale flavours which are the sweet soul of this town full of candor anddeliciousness.

Via Roma 22
09090 Montresta (OR)
Tel + 39 0785 309007

Ufficio del Sindaco
Via Santa Maria Della Neve 2
Tel +39 078530003 - + 39 078530275
Fax +39 078530240
mail: protocollo@comune.montresta

Altitudine410 metri

Montresta, although not part of the municipalities that have joined the project 1 Euro Houses, has buildings to renovate within its historical center. A group from Tuscany has already chosen as their home, building a small community.


08010 Montresta (OR)
Via Roma 22 – tel. 0785 309007

Mayor’s office
Via Santa Maria Della Neve 2
tel: 0785 30275, 0785 309149

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