Augusta – Syracuse – Sicily

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Sicily is still the protagonist of the 1 Euro Houses Project with the participation of the city of Augusta. The City Council has approved the project aimed at the recovery and enhancement of abandoned buildings in the historic center. The municipality’s goal is to attract new residents and encourage investment.

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Getting to know Augusta

The city of Augusta is located on the sea on the Ionian coast between the cities of Catania and Syracuse and is a very populated town and with its 34,000 inhabitants is second only to the provincial capital, founded in 1232 by Frederick II, who gave it its name and called it Augusta Veneranda.

It has its old town on an island connected to the mainland by two bridges. The Spanish Gate dating back to the original construction of the city and the most recent viaduct Frederick II of Swabia.

Augusta: in addition to the blocked commercial port and migrants there is also asbestos

Augusta is an important tourist center,there are several religious buildings to visit but attraction of the historic center, is the Swabian castle, the defensive structure wanted by Frederick II of Swabia as a symbol of his rule over the city.

On the border between the old city and the new Augusta is the suggestive municipal park, a splendid setting where you can walk in the cool of the centuries-old trees and where live music concerts are often organized that cheer up the summer evenings.

Just outside the city center of Augusta you can visit the bay of Brucoli and the suggestive ancient salt pan. Brucoli is a small town on the coast a few kilometers from Augusta and is a spectacular town where you can enjoy the Sicilian sea and organize a nice excursion in the magnificent natural environment of the cliffs. Just beyond the cliff you can also visit the Queen’s Castle, a Spanish defensive fortress where you can climb to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the whole bay.

How to reach AUGUSTA


  • Catania Airport


  • From Catania: 37 minutes via E45 and SS 114
Altitudine15 m

The 1 euro case project in Augusta

The project is divided into two phases:

  1. The census of real estate. At the outcome of any expressions of interest received from the owners, arrive at the planning of recovery interventions to favor the housing settlement of families, tourist-receptive activities, shops or craft or social workshops. Another positive outcome is to help the local economy, through the use of local companies and workers and contribute to the wider process of recovery and urban and building redevelopment of the locality.
  2. The mayor awaits the availability of expression of interest from the owners, to have the properties to be put up for sale.
  3. the Municipality in the capacity of “main bearer of public interests” will be a mediator, advertising the initiative, from the census of the available properties, to the offer of the same through a “showcase” on online institutional channels and at local activities. It will be able to approve any rankings for the assignment of the properties themselves, if the need arises, in particular when the same asset is interested in several buyers and, not least, reserving the right to “evaluate the opportunity to intervene in support of the initiative, through the approval of a specific program of sharing in the costs of renovation of facades and elevations, taking into account the number of interventions subject to redevelopment in the streets and squares of the historic center that contribute to the success of the initiative”.

For more information on the call, visit the website of the municipality of Augusta.

Contacts of the Municipality

Piazza D’Astorga, 10 96011 Augusta (SR)
Phone: (+39) 0931-980111 – Fax : (+39) 0931-991655