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New call for property acquisition with

auction base at only 1 Euro.

There are 48 properties on offer but there is only until November 30 to participate!

Discover all the 1€ houses on the official website of the City of Calatafimi Segesta.

Another municipality joins the €1 Homes project. This time, it is the small village of Calatafimi Segesta, in the province of Trapani. The town is located a few kilometers from the sea, surrounded by the Sicilian hills.

As the extraordinary commissioner of the municipality Francesco Fragale explains:

“The goal of selling homes for 1 euro is to face the phenomenon of depopulation. This includes the recovery of the housing function of the historic center, redeveloping the territory from an urban point of view and favoring the opening of tourist-receptive activities, shops or craft shops in a suggestive location. It will thus be possible to start a virtuous economic process that sets the country’s economy in motion, giving work to the construction and craft sector, with strong economic repercussions in the future».

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Getting to know Calatafimi Segesta

The small village of Calatafimi Segesta has a long history, also touched by the ancient myth. It tells how Heracles, crossing it during one of his labors, has stopped at the Terme Segestane. The myth then merged with history and in this same territory the Trojan Aeneas, directed towards Lazio, would have founded the city of Acesta.

From myth we have also passed to history. Calatafimi Segesta is the only still exsistant settlement (out of three) of the ancient civilization of the Elymians that populated the area.

In the Middle Ages, the city had a strategic point, as it was located on the slopes of a hill where a castle stood. Today we can find the Euphemy Castle at the same location, which was built on the ruins of the original castle in the 7th and 8th centuries.

Today, the territory of Calatafimi Segesta considers many of the monuments built in the ancient and medieval period. Among them are certainly of considerable interest:

  • doric temple of Segesta,
  • ancient theater,
  • sanctuary of contrada Mango,
  • house of the navarca from the Roman era and
  • the entire medieval old town.

The latter today includes the city walls, the castle attached to the theater, two Norman churches, the medieval quarter and the mosque.

Temple of Segesta
Doric Temple of Segesta

Not to be forgotten are also the natural beauty of the place. Calatafimi Segesta is about half an hour from the sea and Castellammare del Golfo, where we can find beautiful sandy beaches.

Here is also our short interview (in Italian) with the mayor of Calatafimi Segesta, Francesco Gruppuso:

Local gastronomy

The kitchen is a typical Sicilian cuisine that includes:

  • The Arancini: Breaded and fried rice soufflés, generally stuffed with meat sauce and peas or diced ham and mozzarella.
  • The panelle: Chickpea flour pancakes.
  • The cucciddati: Bread made from durum wheat semolina.
  • Martorana fruit: It is composed of almond paste, which is given the shape of different fruits or foods.
  • The Sicilian cassata: Sponge cake and ricotta cake covered with a thick layer of icing and adorned with candied fruit.
  • Easter lamb: The Sicilian Easter lamb is a very ancient dessert that is prepared and given to friends and family, especially children. The recipe is quite elaborate because you must first get the plaster mold to shape the lamb and then make an almond paste.
  • Ovaletto di Calatafimi: It is an orange whose origins take us to the beginning of the twentieth century. The name given by the oval shape and the exclusive presence in the territory of the municipality of Calatafimi. The ovaletto of Calatafimi needs careful and continuous care. Usually the trees after the pruning of formation are pruned every three years. Irrigation is essential during the summer with the use of 100 l of water per plant. Every 10 days the harvest is done manually and covers the period from May 20 to early July.

How to reach Calatafimi Segesta


  • “Falcone Borsellino” airport in Palermo Punta Raisi, 60 km
  • “Vincenzo Florio” airport of Trapani Birgi, 54 km


  • From Palermo: Along the Palermo-Trapani motorway (A 29) exit at Segesta, after passing the archaeological area of Segesta, take the SS. 113, towards Trapani. The junction for Calatafimi is about 3 km away.
  • From Trapani: Along the motorway (A 29), direction Palermo, exit at the junction of Segesta, or take the old SS. 113 and take the junction after those for Vita, Pianto Romano and Calatafimi Segesta. After about 4 km take the junction for Segesta.
Altitudine338 m

The 1 Euro Houses project in Calatafimi Segesta

The 1 Euro Houses project by Calatafimi Segesta is underway until 30 October 2021. It will take place in the form of an auction, where buyers will submit their proposals for the renovation of currently available homes.

There are 58 properties available at the moment, scattered throughout the historic center.

The buyers will have to undertake to:

  • Stipulate the purchase contract within 3 months of the approval of the assignment deeds;
  • Prepare and deposit with the competent Office of the Municipality the project for the restructuring, restoration, conservative rehabilitation and / or restructuring and redevelopment of the property acquired no later than 3 months from the stipulation of the purchase contract;
  • Start the works no later than 3 months from the issuance of the building permit and to complete them no later than 3 years from the beginning of the work;
  • Stipulate a special surety policy, or to pay a cashier’s check in favor of the Municipality of Calatafimi Segesta, in the amount of € 5,000.00 (five thousand euros), valid for 3 years.

Link to the call with more information and to all the documents related to the Case a 1 euro project available here.

Contacts of the municipality of Calatafimi Segesta

Comune di Calatafimi Segesta

Piazza Cangemi 1

91013 Calatafimi Segesta (TP)



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