Castel di Lucio – Messina – Sicilia

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Already a medieval village inserted in the authentic villages of Italy, Castel di Lucio enters the 1 euro houses projects to revalue the historic centre where there are many abandoned houses that need to be renovated.

With its 1200 inhabitants, the municipality wants to strengthen the tourism and economy of its region, as has already happened in several Sicilian villages with the success of 1 euro houses projects. The project aims to enhance the hinterland rich in art and culture, outside the great mass tourism.

In this spirit, the Municipality launches the project, waiting to draw up the allocation ranking, where priority will be given to the best projects that undertake to conclude the works in agile and contained times.

Located on the Nebrodi mountains, the village of Castel di Lucio is located on a small hill, where the Norman Castle of the thirteenth century stands on the top. Inside the village, there are many small churches that preserve a precious artistic heritage. Stone portals and decorations decorate the houses and narrow streets that offer the visitor openings and corners of enchanting value.

The Fiumana d’Arte is an open-air works park in Castel di Lucio, created by several artists near the area of the Western Nebrodi. It is the most relevant artistic production of the twentieth century that has affected Sicily.

There are several notable works including the work “La materia poteva non esserci” by Pietro Consegra and along the provincial road “Una curva gettata alle spalle del tempo” by Paolo Schiavocampo. The latter is a monolith of reinforced concrete covered with iron sheets that takes the form of a sail beaten by the wind and that gives the place a sense of eternity and mystery.

But Italo Lanfredini’s “Il labirinto di Arianna” is perhaps the most evocative work of the entire Fiumara, located on the hill near the urban center of Castel di Lucio. The work recalls classical culture and Greek mythology. The labyrinth is actually a large womb that is accessed to enter a path of searching for oneself and then reborn.

Just 1 km from the village you can take several paths that offer us the possibility of hiking in the mountains until you reach the 1200 meters high of the mountains or go down to the sea.

Altitudine753 m

How to reach Castel di Lucio


  • FROM PALERMO: Falcone Borsellino Airport
  • FROM CATANIA: Fontanarossa Airport


  • From Palermo: Motorway A19, then A20 to the exit of Tusa continuing along with S.S. 113 PA- ME towards Messina. Then take the junction to Castel di Lucio. After about 22 km, passing Pettineo, you reach the village.

The 1 euro houses project of Castel di Lucio

The 1 euro houses project in Castel di Lucio is aimed at the owners of the properties who are not able to prepare resources for the renovation of their buildings and intend to shake off the tax burden, offering their property at a symbolic price.

On the other hand, offers are expected from those who intend to have a home in Castel di Lucio even for a temporary stay or for those who want to permanently move their residence. We also consider those who want to place their craft activity or a catering or accommodation activity.

For each property will be drawn up rankings for the assignment. Priority will be given to projects that propose the start of works in a short time, the transfer of the residence to the property and the use of local workers for renovation works

Buyers will need to know to commit to:

  1. Conclude a public deed of purchase of the property within two months from the enforceability of the determination of approval of the assignment deed or any allocation ranking;
  2. Incur all the costs for the drafting of the transfer document (notaries, registration, volture, stacking, etc.);
  3. Prepare a project for the renovation and recovery of the property, acquiring all the necessary opinions, within 3 months from the date of purchase;
  4. Start work within three months of the date of issue of the building permit;
  5. To take out a surejussoria policy, in favor of the Municipality of Castropignano, of the amount of € 5,000.00 valid for three years, to guarantee the concrete realization of the works. In case of default of the transferee, the Municipality will have the right to forfeit the policy or to purchase the property of the property.

Link of the announcement here,the houses are available here.

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Contacts of the municipality

Comune di Castel di Lucio

Via Salvo d’Acquisto

98070 Castel di Lucio (ME)


Telefono: +39 0921 384032