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The 1 Euro Houses initiative was just initiated in the small town of Leonforte. The 1 euro houses in Leonforte will be made available shortly, starting with the resolution signed at the end of October.

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Getting to know Leonforte

Leonforte is a town in the province of Enna, in the heart of Sicily. The town extends itself on the slope of a hill and reaches up to 700 meters in the historic center which is located in the highest part.

In the Leonforte area there is Mount Altesina (1192 meters), of great reference in antiquity as it divided Sicily into three valleys. On its top are the remains of an important prehistoric village, and the Monte Altesina Nature Reserve was recently established there.

The city of Leonforte was founded in 1610 by Nicolò Placido Branciforti, in homage to the coat of arms of his family (a lion holding the banner with its paws) and tried to maximize the possibility of this territory rich in water and mills. Following this Leonforte experienced a period of economic development and notable well-being both in agriculture and in crafts.

There are several monuments in Leonforte that are worth a visit. Various religious architectures including churches and convents and civil architectures such as Palazzo Branciforti, Villa Comunale, the stables, garden and fountain of the nymphs and Palazzo Gussio, but the Tavi Castle deserves a special mention.

The rocks hide this castle which is the oldest evidence of human presence in these territories. Tradition has it that Tavi was an ancient Sicilian town, Hellenized and then disappeared. The castle ruins were sighting and control points, where you could observe the entire valley and the numerous water sources. Today it is still possible to see the walls, underground rooms in the rock, an oil mill and two basins.

But the real mistress in these places is nature with the Erei Mountains which present suggestive natural landscapes; from the rock to the wooded areas with oaks, corks and holm oaks.

A place not to be missed is Lake Nicoletti, an artificial lake that is home to several migratory birds.

Agriculture and quality products

Agriculture plays a very important role in the local economy.

The most common crops are durum wheat in rotation with vetch and oats and broad bean among the herbaceous, olive, peach and citrus among the trees. Valuable crops, which make the agricultural Leonforte famous in the eyes of island consumers and not only those, are the broad bean and the peach tree. The broad bean of Leonforte and the late peach represent in fact products of excellent organoleptic qualities much appreciated and sought after by the market. Recently, efforts are being made to enhance durum wheat and extra virgin olive oil, which are also products of remarkable qualitative characteristics.

The products of livestock farms are also very popular: meat, cheese and ricotta.

How to get to Leonforte


  • From Catania, 1h 10min: Take the A19 once you leave the city. Continue until the exit for Mulinello on the SP7a and SS121 to the destination.
  • From Palermo, 2h 10min: Take the E90 and continue on the A19 until the exit for Mulinello. Continue SP7a and SS121 to the destination.
  • From Messina, 2h 10min: Take the A20 / E90 to Catania. Exit onto the A19, continuing until the exit for Mulinello. Take the SP7a and SS121 to the destination.


  • Catania airport, 1h 10min: Same road as from the city.
  • Palermo Airport, 2h 20min: Take the E90 and continue on the A19 until the exit for Mulinello. Continue SP7a and SS121 to the destination.
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The 1 Euro Houses project in Leonforte

As the mayor of Leonforte, Carmelo Barbera, said for the Sicilian newspaper:

“Last Friday (October 29) the resolution was signed. We thought of this intervention as a possible solution for the recovery of houses located in the historic center and which are currently abandoned or uninhabited, some also have problems of a sanitary nature. Very often it is difficult to trace the owners because they are heirs who live outside Sicily or abroad”.

Leonforte’s 1 euro houses project is dedicated to restocking the old historic center. The municipality wants to enhance the territory by providing houses at a symbolic price.

The call is available to both Italian and foreign citizens. In addition, the municipality is interested in those who want to invest in the development of the historic center, giving it new momentum and life.

Do you want to buy houses for 1 euro in Leonforte? Here’s how to do it.

Buyers must submit a formal declaration in which:

  • They will show their willingness to join the initiative.
  • They will declare to be in possession of the requisites required to be able to legitimately contract with the public administration, as:
    • single entities;
    • legal entities.
  • They will manifest the will to acquire the property, marked with the code of the “1 euro houses”.
  • They undertake and undertake to bear the expenses, none excluded, however connected to the regular transfer of ownership of the property (notary, tax, transfer, succession, even late, any building amnesties) and to reimburse the seller for the expenses incurred by him during the period of making the property available to the Municipality (local and state taxes and fees).
  • They will be obliged to finalize the signing of the sales contract with the private seller, as well as to establish the bank surety policy within 2 months of the approval of the deeds of assignment.
  • They will be obliged to prepare and file the project for the restructuring, restoration, conservative rehabilitation and / or restructuring and redevelopment of the acquired property no later than 6 months from the signing of the purchase contract.
  • They will be obliged to start the works no later than 12 months from the issue of the building permit, or equivalent deed according to the law, and to complete them no later than 4 years from the date of stipulation of the contract.
  • They will be obliged to take out a specific bank or insurance surety policy in favor of the Municipality of Leonforte for the amount of € 4,000.00, valid for 4 years and six months .

More information on the Leonforte 1 euro houses project is also available on the municipality’s website .

Contacts of the municipality of Leonforte

Municipality of Leonforte

Corso Umberto 231

94013 Leonforte

Email: staffsindaco@comuneleonforte.it and protocol@pec.comune.leonforte.it

Web: www.comune.leonforte.en.it

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