Pettineo – Messina – Sicily offers 1 Euro Houses

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The 1 Euro Houses project in Sicily are also expanding in the municipality of Pettineo. In July 2021, the city council with the mayor Domenico Ruffino, launch 1 Euro Houses Project in Pettineo. How does the project work and what are the 1 Euro Houses available?

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Getting to know Pettineo

Located at the foot of Mount S. Cuono on the western Nebrodi, Pettineo looks like a characteristic hilly center bordered by the rivers Tusa and Santo Stefano. One of the advantages of Pettineo is definitely the proximity of the sea. Only 15 minutes by car we can reach the Lungomare di Tusa with its beautiful white sandy beaches.

The first historical information about Pettineo dates back to the thirteenth century. There is talk of a “Casale”, an unfortified rural village. After several feudal passages for the known events of confiscation and alienation, Pettineo passed into the domain of various noble families in the area.

Today, Pettineo consists of a historic city center, within which most of the population lives. For those visiting the village can not help but notice the ruins of the ancient Castle of Pettineo that rises above the roofs of the houses. Important structure also the Mother Church, dedicated to Maria SS. delle Grazie,built in the sixteenth century.

In addition to a rich history, Pettineo presents itself to visitors with small local hotels and quality farmhouses. Those who love Sicilian cuisine must not miss the production of the local Valdemone DOP extra virgin olive oil. In the countryside around Pettineo a particular citrus is also produced. This is the lemon in seccagno,which is grown without considerable supply of water. On the territory it also produces remarkable local cheeses and cured meats, to be enjoyed in the restaurants of the area.

How to reach Pettineo


  • From Messina: 145 km, about an hour and a half to two. Take the A20/E90 towards Palermo. Exit at S. Stefano di Camastra and continue towards Pettineo.
  • From Palermo: 100 km, about an hour to an hour and a half. Take the A20/E90 towards Messina. Continue to Tusa to take the state road towards Pettineo.


  • Palermo Airport 130 km away
  • Catania Airport 200 km away
Altitudine250 m

The 1 Euro Houses Project in Pettineo

The project is currently in the first faze of development. This means that the municipality of Pettineo is looking for people interested in selling their unused houses for 1 euro. The city council approved the regulation for the facilitated sale of uninhabited properties. They will then be made available to buyers for sale for 1 euro.

The Municipality will therefore consider the role of bearer of public interests and controller that the project regulation is respected.

We will update the information on the sale of 1 Euro Houses per Comb when these are available for purchase.

Contacts of the municipality of Pettineo

Municipality of Pettineo

Via Garibaldi 35

98070 Comb (MS)

PEC Email:


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