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The municipality of Sambuca, in the province of Agrigento, adheres to the 1 Euro Houses Project. The village, surrounded by woods and hills, is part of the territory of Valle del Belice.

Sambuca was among the first towns to promote and sponsor the 1 Euro Houses project, quickly becoming famous all over the world. So that after the first call ended successfully, relaunches with the project of Houses for 2 euros. The announcement that sees for sale houses owned by the institution that are in good condition but that need renovations.

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Getting to know Sambuca

The town of about 6000 inhabitants, at 357mt above sea level, is included in the club of The most beautiful villages in Italy,the association of small Italian towns that stand out for their great artistic, cultural and historical importance, for the harmony of the urban fabric, livability and services to citizens.

The urban development of the country follows two directions: the Arab one “inside the walls”, which is projected until the entire sixteenth century with the thickening of the residences around the fortress of Zabut, and the seventeenth-eighteenth century one “outside the walls”, with the town hall to act as a hinge.

You can still find visible traces of a past that has seen different architectural styles intertwin and merge with each other in a unique blend. Founded by the Arabs before the Year 1000, the village presents a historical center realized on the Islamic model that stands in contrast to the baroque facades of Nineteenth Century churches and palaces.

It is part of the National Association of Wine Cities, of theUnion of Terre Sicane municipalities,of the regional tourist district “Wines &Flavors of Sicily” and of the City of Bio – Culture of the territories

There are walks and trekking available on Monte Genuardo, as well as mountain biking. For the less sporty Sambuca boasts with one of the very few Italian theaters still functioning in western Sicily.

In 30 minutes by car you can reach the beautiful sea of Sciacca.

Wine, extra virgin olive oil, cheeses derived from sheep farms: in Sambuca the products of the earth are all zero kilometer. In addition to sheep’s ricotta, also used in pastry, it is worth mentioning the vastedda of Belice Dop, a spun paste cheese made entirely from sheep’s milk, with the unique shape of focaccia.

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How to reach Sambuca


  • Palermo International Airport


  • From Palermo 1 hour 30 minutes via SS624
Altitudine350 m

The 1 Euro Houses project in Sambuca di Sicilia

The sale is carried out by public auction with the method of increasing bids on the auction price. For the sale of the property in question, a specific ranking of the bidders will be drawn up, formulated on the basis of the price offered. The property will be awarded to the applicant who has made the best offer.

Upon request, a deposit must be produced to guarantee 5,000 euros, which will be returned after the award.

The offer must be submitted with the application form and the offer for the lot for which you are competing must be contained within the package. It is the right of the bidder to submit a simultaneous offer also for a second lot that can be assigned only if there have been no other bidders.

If the lot no.2 is also assigned, the assignee will be invited to submit an additional deposit of € 5,000.00. The envelope shall contain the completed application as per the attached model and showing:

  • generality of the tenderer and the quality coated;
  • photostatic copy of the subscriber’s identity document;
  • receipt of the transfer of € 5,000.00;
  • declaration certifying the acknowledgment of the real estate subject to alienation and not to incur any prohibition to contract with the public administration.

The specific call has already been concluded.

Update July 16, 2021

The municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia relaunches the 2 Euro Houses initiative, now available for purchase requests. The call was successfully closed.

Update May 4, 2020

After the great success of the first call “1 Euro Houses Project” the municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia is preparing the second call that will be called “Houses at 2 euros”.

With this second call, scheduled for next June or July, the Town Hall of Sambuca will put the sale about 15 or 16 houses owned by the municipality with the auction method, the starting price will be 2 euros.

The Airbnb 1 Euro House

The applications are now open for a new host of the renovated 1 euro house in Sambuca. For those who want to move to Sambuca for 1 year and host those who book a room in the house for 1 euro, this is the perfect opportunity. The rent? Totally free of charge. For more information, visit the article we have prepared on the subject.

Contacts of the municipality of Sambuca

Municipality of Sambuca of Sicily
Corso Umberto I °
Sambuca di Sicilia AG
Tel: +39925940111
PEC mail:

Municipality website

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