Pratola Peligna in Abruzzo offers 1 Euro Houses

1 Euro Houses is the project in the centre of Pratola Peligna, aiming to relaunch and recover the medieval village and return to the historic centre to its original beauty.

The mayor invited his fellow citizens, owners of uninhabited and abandoned properties, to make them available for the 1 euro houses projectof sale. Many have joined because the old and falling properties are only a burden and often an expense, so much so that there have been over forty warnings of collapse made by the Municipality to secure the buildings.

The mayor’s work has been successful and there are already those who have bought their first property for 1 euro. In the next few days, all formal steps for the purchase will be defined.

Getting to know Pratola Peligna

Pratola Peligna, a village of 7250 inhabitants, is located in the province of L’Aquila, at about 340 meters above sea level. The village is distributed for one part in the mountain area and for the other in the plain. Already known in Roman times, Pratola Peligna was the scene of numerous popular ferments including opposition to the constitution of the Bourbon government of Ferdinand II in 1848. The charming medieval village has as a point of reference for residents and tourists the small square of San Pietro Celestino. One of Pratola Peligna’s most famous attractions is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Free, which is built around the sixteenth century.

In Pratola Peligna there is also the “Museum of Peasant Civilization”, inaugurated in 1995 the “Vecchio Mulino” of the Celestini and the cinema theatre D’Andrea were situated. Declared of considerable monumental interest and restored in 2005, it was among the first buildings in the region intended not only for the cinema but for the theatre and performance arts as well.

The area is crossed by the Sagittarius River and some streams, fed by the numerous springs located along the river. The town is located on the left bank of the waterway. Therefore, there are many opportunities for nature excursions and trekking in the Maiella Natural Park.

Pratola Peligna’s cuisine is rich in typical Abruzzo products but famous are the “pizzelle“. Composed of flour, eggs and sugar, with the addition of any aromas to taste, they are kneaded and cooked using a tool formed by two iron plates.

How to reach Pratola Peligna


  • Pescara Airport (about 57 km)


  • Take the A14 motorway (from the north: towards Ancona; from the south: towards Pescara), follow the direction Rome, continue on the A 25 motorway, exit at Pratola Peligna/Sulmona and continue to Pratola Peligna along the SS 5.
Altitudine342 m

The 1 Euro Houses Project in Pratola Peligna

The municipality of Pratola Peligna has detected 630 degraded properties in need of reconstruction. Currently available for sale are 4 with the possibility to benefit from the building incentives for the renovation Ecobonus and Sismabonus. The administration has approved the regulation of the sale at a symbolic price of 1 Euro to start the recovery and enhancement of the real estate assets of the town.

By accessing the municipality’s website you can view the first properties made available by the owners who do not want or can no longer invest in the structures. These are houses on several floors, with three or four rooms, some equipped with a cellar as well.

All people who have an asset they want to get rid of, which falls within the parameters provided by the notice of the Municipality of Pratola, can send an email to providing all the necessary information about the house.

Buyers will have to comply with the rules of the municipal administration and in particular will have to submit:

  • an explanatory report of the recovery of the property and their future use (e.g. housing, second homes, shops, etc.)
  • the characteristics of the parties involved in the proposal for intervention and their competences:
    • documentation proving that the requirements for proposers have been met;
    • declaration by the operator of commitment to sign the public deed of sale of the property, assuming at his own expense all the costs for the transfer of the property that must take place within 2 months of approval;
    • they undertake to submit the restructuring plan within 6 months of the conclusion of the contract of sale;
    • they are obliged to restructure within 12 months of the municipal concession being issued.

The Municipality reserves the right to request clarifications and / or additions to the documentation submitted if this is necessary for the correct evaluation of the proposals.

General information and ruling link available here.

Acquisition request template available here.

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Contacts of the municipality

Comune di Pratola Peligna

Via Occidentale n. 10,

67035 Pratola Peligna (AQ)

Tel: +39 0864 274141

PEC mail: