Sambuca – Agrigento – Sicily

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The municipality of Sambuca, in the province of Agrigento, adheres to the project “1 Euro Houses” (Case a 1 euro). The village, surrounded by woods and hills, is part of the territory of Valle del Belice.

You can still find visible traces of a past that has seen different architectural styles intertwin and merge with each other in a unique blend. Founded by the Arabs before the Year 1000, the village presents a historical center realized on the Islamic model that stands in contrast to the baroque facades of Nineteenth Century churches and palaces.

The town is included in Italy’s Most BeautifulVillages Club, the Association of small Italian centers thatstand out thanks to their great artistic, cultural and historical relevance, as well as forthe harmony of the urban fabric, the livability and the services to the citizens. Followingthe participation in the Rai 3 TV show “Kilimanjaro – Il Borgo deiBorghi” Sambuca was proclaimed “Village of the Villages 2016”.


Altitudine350 metri


Municipality of Sambuca of Sicily
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Sambuca of Sicilia AG
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