Ollolai – Nuoro – Sardinia

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Houses for 1 euro in Ollolai. The municipality of Ollolai in the province of Nuoro, the main center of the homonymous Ollolai Barbagia, willing to restore, restructure and reuse the building heritage, participates in the project case a 1 Euro (Houses for 1 Euro).

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«This is how it works – explains the mayor of Ollolai Efisio Arbau –: the owners of underutilized or unused homes, for which the property represents only a cost, sell their own dilapidated house to the municipality for a symbolic price. We then insert it in the circuit of Houses for 1 Euro in favour of purchasers who become the new owners, committed to renovating and using them».

Private individuals who want to sell, can choose one of two solutions: either they perform the restoration works themselves with the help of aid funds ranging from 20 to 60% depending on the type of intervention, or the work can be carried out by the municipality and a third-party operator. In the latter case, the private individual sells at a symbolic price the unused and/or underutilized house for the total restructuring and the admission of the property in theHouses for 1 Euro circuit.

How to reach Ollolai


  • Olbio Costa Smeralda Airport, 125 km, 1h30min: Start on the SS131 Diramazione Centrale Nuorese SS131dcn towards Nuoro. Continue along SS389var and SS131dcn towards Lanusei. Follow directions for Ollolai.
  • Cagliari Airport, 169 km, 1h45min: Start on the E25/SS131 towards Sestu and Ottana. Continue along the SP17 and SS128 towards Ollolai.


  • From Sassari: 122km, 1h30 min.
  • From Olbia: 126km, 1h30 min.
  • From Cagliari: 173km, 2h.
Altitudine900 metri

Contacts of the municipality

Comune di Ollolai

Via Mazzini 08020 Ollolai – Nuoro

Tel. 0784.51051 – 0784.51052

Download the documentation to find out how to participate in the project 1 Euro Houses (Case a 1 Euro)

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